ARTIST PROFILE: Claudia Moroni

During our very exciting showcase of the Terry O’Neill Award finalists, we want to take the time to really delve into the work of the exhibited photographers to give you wonderful viewers a deeper insight into the people behind the lens. Today we will be looking at the works of Claudia Moroni, whose series ‘Anima Animus’ earned her the second runner up place.

Claudia Moroni

Claudia Moroni

Claudia is an Italian portrait photographer, living and working in London. Her photographs have been published in Wallpaper* Magazine, L’Officiel Art, The Guardian, 1883 Magazine, Vogue Italia and have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Claudia Moroni

Claudia Moroni

With a background in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Claudia has a keen interest in the craft of analogue photography. The majority of her work is shot with a range of 35mm and medium format cameras, printing most of her images in a traditional darkroom. At the moment, Moroni is dividing her time between comissions and a series of personal projects.

Claudia Moroni

Claudia Moroni

This series, ‘Anima Animus’ is a long term project exploring the borderline of gender. The first part of this project is a series of black and white portraits of trans and genderqueer people living in the UK. Each model has undertaken a journey, transitioning from the sex they were assigned at birth to the gender they identify with. All portraits have been shot on film with a large format camera, taking advantage of the Scheimpflug principle to narrowly focus on the models’ eyes. This stylistic choice is a visual response to the media’s tendencies to only focus on trans people’s bodies, virtually erasing their identities.

Claudia Moroni

Claudia Moroni

All images © Claudia Moroni

For further examples of Claudia’s work, check out her website here.

This series of portraits will be on display at The Strand Gallery until 26th January.


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