During our very exciting showcase of the Terry O’Neill Award finalists, we want to take the time to really delve into the work of the exhibited photographers to give you wonderful viewers a deeper insight into the people behind the lens. Today we will be looking at the works of Richard Gray, whose series ‘The Person Opposite’ crowned him the ‘Mobile Device Winner’.

Richard Gray

Richard Gray

Richard Gray’s mobile photography work has been exhibited around the world and widely published, and he has undertaken various mobile-only projects, including a major commission for Sport England in 2013. He gave the world’s first live course in mobile photography at KCC in London, which he later gave at The Photographer’s Gallery. The Guardian invited him to write the mobile section of its recent photography review and he is a contributor for FLTR, The British Journal of Photography’s mobile magazine. He also works with big cameras and syndicates to Empics (Press Association).

Richard Gray

Richard Gray

He told us, “Mobile cameras have allowed us to get closer than ever to strangers and they’ve spawned a whole new sub-genre of some amazing street photography. This series takes advantage of this strength. I’m interested in seeing ordinary people in an innocent state, without a smile (or a blank expression) for the camera and this series explores that interest and the idea of shared anonymity in a big city.”

Richard Gray

Richard Gray

All images © Richard Gray

Further examples of Richard’s work can be seen here. He is @rugfoot on social media.

These photographs will be on display at The Strand Gallery until January 26th.


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