A Look Back at 2013

Now that our first incredible exhibition of 2014 has sadly come to an end, we thought it might be appropriate to look back at the last year and pick up on some of the highlights of 2013 at The Strand Gallery.

Looking back, 2013 has been an eventful year. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born on 22 July 2013 and Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president who led the peaceful transition from white-only rule, sadly passed aged 95. Amongst all of the commotion of the real world, here at The Strand Gallery we conducted an array of inspiring exhibits and had many exciting moments. So, as we move forward to invite an  2014, we thought first of all we will celebrate some of our favourite moments of 2013.

With even our online Spotlight features taking us through a huge range of artists varying from the exquisite colourful and intricate installations of Jee Young Lee, who plays with the boundaries between reality and fiction, to the dark earthy paintings of Lei Chang who captivates multiple layers of emotion, narrowing down a small selection of our successful physical shows has been difficult.

British riots

We kicked off with a successful burst, displaying a series from Press Association photographer Lewis Whyld. The shocking and telling photographs capture the riots that took place back in 2011. Whyld’s positioning during the outburst places us at a level where we are exposed, front row to the raw flames, revealing the full extent of the damage. Not only this, but the images also brought back the memories for the people. Safety was threatened and wider British culture and society was under threat, these harrowing photographs demonstrated this.

The Master

Another fantastic show we had was Hot Valve Leak: Visual Ramblings of Vic Reeves. We opened our doors to the surreal and comic artist who exhibited a selection of paintings, drawings and ceramics, opening our eyes to a selection of his ingenious wit and talent. Incorporating performance with humour, he led us to surrealist ideas, revealing a Dada-esque quality that is reminiscent throughout.

Showing the Ink by Tristan Pigott

Tristan Pigott exhibited his unique and surreal paintings with us here at The Strand Gallery in March 2013. Piggot explores human behaviour that is relatable, yet composed in a surreal way that it becomes something awkward, something that we are separate from. He plays with the boundaries between the real and unreal. The chalky tones mute the composition heightening the awkwardness of the surreal situation. These extraordinary paintings are intriguing and have provoked great critical attention.

Although we exhibited many, many more incredible shows, these were definitely our top three, and after a successful 2013 we look forward to another year of inspiring shows and online explorations, so bring on 2014!


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