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We are very excited to announce our next exhibition, the debut miNiATURE Garden show, an exciting new event for the world of garden design!  Running from 6th – 8th March at The Strand Gallery.


Thanks to the evolution of 3D printing, leading garden designers and landscape architects have been able to create their unique gardens in miniature 3D format, giving them innovation and practicality in their designs. These ‘mini’ gardens show the brightest ideas of today’s landscape architects, allowing a larger accessibility for all garden lovers.

Sarah Eberle, Adam Frost and Jo Thompson, three of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Best in Show’ winners, are among the 10 leading garden designers, you will be guaranteed a magical experience about gardens which are made entirely through 3D printing. Having London College of Garden Design and Hobs3D as their main sponsors, there will be live 3D printing in one of our gallery rooms to demonstrate the concept of 3D printing.


The show is beautifully curated by Andrew Fisher Tomlin and Tom Harfleet, along with landscape designer Kajsa Björne. The team previously worked together in Australia, where they discovered their mutual interest in the power of gardens. All three have worked internationally across a wide range of projects. The show is free and open to everyone who is interested to see how 3D printing takes over and how such small, high-quality, detailed 3D models have a big meaning in the world of art and design.

miNiATURE gives a group of leading UK and International designers a chance to design completely new ideas in gardens and landscapes, introducing 3D printing to landscape design and the public with the world’s first model garden show.


The concept behind miNiATURE is to create a platform where designers truly have the ability to create unique and ambitious gardens, even if they are in miniature. Currently show gardens provide a platform to engage people with new design but often these can end up as safe and self-limiting due to budget and in order to win a medal. miNiATURE aims to change this by giving designers an outlet to explore creative designs at low cost through modelling. Up until recently this took place ‘on screen’ and a physical model could take time and expense but now with the advent of 3D printing we have the ability to produce high quality, detailed and accurate 3D models to communicate ideas and engage directly with clients.


All images © miNiATURE Design.

miNiATURE Design can be seen at The Strand Gallery from 6th – 8th March.

Further examples of the company’s work can be seen here.


Arnis Purple

Earlier this month Arnis Purple showcased their debut exhibition Re-Imagining London at The Strand Gallery! An  emerging and independent illustration company, founded by the two MA students, Henri Ghosn and Jun Kim, the pair teamed up with recent Media & Communications graduates from Goldsmiths and other freelance artists to create a unique experience.


Having over 150 art lovers attending their private view, they had a great start with the launch of their new and exciting project which was founded only 8 months ago.

With both founders being concerned with the marginalisation of ethnic groups and city gentrification, they wanted to create a show which explores the cosmopolitan nature of London from a different aspect.  Henri said;  “there is more than one London; it is not just red double decker buses and Big Ben, but also a creative inspiration hub”


Arnis Purple brought together artists from all over the world and they are further looking to expand into South Korea and the Far East this May, keep checking their website for regular updates! Good luck guys!

COMING UP: Arnis Purple

We are thrilled to announce ARNIS PURPLE’s first London illustration and photography exhibition at The Strand Gallery, running from the 21st until the 23rd of February.

Henri's St.Paul's

The exhibition, entitled “Re-Imagining London”, will explore the image and branding of the Capital. Yet there is a twist! Featuring a total of 10 artists, the collection presented to the audience shall range from photographs by Samuel T. Hart to illustrations designed by Gemma Latimer. Our artists have been set loose, asked to explore the cityscape with one caution- no pictures of shiny red buses please!


We thus welcome everyone to come and question his or her own perception of the conurbation with fellow politicians, academics and other creatives. Once launched, the exhibition will move to the Far East, where it shall promote the various facets of London to the people of Seoul.

Jun's map of london

Working along the idea of exclusivity, every ARNIS PURPLE product comes not only in limited sets, but also with a limited time frame. Our shows do not last more than a weekend, and it is the only time for our audiences to see the works in person.

ARNIS PRUPLE is therefore more than an online platform — it is a revolutionary, global stage, that promotes young and talented individuals both throughout the UNITED KINGDOM AND WORLDWIDE.

victorian queen final 2