COMING UP: Where do I belong?

Following their Portraits of Britain Exhibition at The Strand Gallery in November 2012. The  Economic and Social Research Council, who fund research into the social and economic questions facing us today, present ‘Where Do I Belong?‘, a photography competition for young people aged 14-18.

Lo-res F327

In an exhibition which explores the creativity of young people around the UK, the competition challenges the contestants to give their unique view of society and to ask themselves the question ‘Where Do I belong?’.  The show manifests the way Social Science is constantly present in our every day lives, at work or school and even when exploring identity and expressing belief.


Exhibited through various categories, such as family & friends, my community, interests & hobbies, opinions & beliefs, country & future, each piece showcases a different area of society, producing an enlightening exhibition, that poses questions about life for young people in the modern age.  

DCIM101GOPRO With over 2000 entrants from 332 schools across the UK, it is an eye opening exhibition, showing the way young people view their place in society today, bringing Social Science into the classroom, whilst engaging young people in creative projects. An eye opening exhibition, this is not one to be missed.

‘Where Do I Belong?’  will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 18th – 22nd March 2014, 11am – 6pm.


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