COMING UP: Herstories

We are delighted to announce our new exhibition ‘Herstories’, an art exhibition of oral history. The exhibition will take place from 26th – 29th March at The Strand Gallery.


In our society women’s voices are often lost and unrecorded, particularly those of ordinary citizens. Therefore curator and founder, Radhika  Hettiarachchi came up with the idea to record histories, experiences and hopes of different families from a mother’s point of view. Mothers are often known to be the guardian of a family and therefore Radhika wanted to collect stories of mothers from the south, east and north of Sri Lanka.

With their collection being divided into hand written letters, photo essays, short videos, collective timelines and memory mapping, each of them tells us a extraordinary story of ordinary mothers living through such a difficult time.


With herstories, the project expects to raise awareness among people who may not have otherwise known about the hardships different mothers have gone through in their lives. Many mothers in Sri Lanka may have lost their husbands and children in the war, and some still live with death, displacement and disability.

As many people might think that women like these don’t want to talk about their lives and what they have been through, Radhika found that they were surprisingly eager to talk to and had generous memories  of the whole family.


Radhika stated that, “These women really wanted to leave something of themselves behind for the future and the idea that their words were going to be somewhere forever, was wonderful for them.”  The idea of herstories is not only to showcase a shared history but also to show how Sri Lankan’s are rooted in multiple identities.


Up until now, the collection of herstories was only presented through a travelling exhibition in Ampara, Colombo and Galle in 2013. Therefore we are very delighted to host their first show in Europe which will showcase 60 pieces from the full 270 strong herstories collection.  However their entire collection will be archived online on their website.

The exhibition can be seen at The Strand Gallery from March 26th to March 30th, 11am t 7pm.


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