SPOTLIGHT: Eloy Morales

On one of my most recent ventures around the internet, I stumbled upon some interesting looking photographs depicting a male face covered in splodges of paint. I thought they were pretty cool and scrolled down to get some information on the photographer, and to my disbelief I saw that they were in fact paintings. Needless to say, my mind was blown. And I think if you take a look at the photos you will feel the same way!

Eloy Morales

Eloy Morales

Absolutely stunning! To this day I still find it hard to believe that these pieces are painstakingly made with paint. Each piece takes around a month to complete, if Morales stays on top of his eight hour studio days. Each image portrays and reflects Morales’ relationship with paint, and before this series he had never painted a self-portrait before.


Eloy Morales

What I find most enthralling about each image is the life the subject has behind his eyes. With other hyperreal artists you tend to find that something gives away their medium, be it a lack of a gleam in the eye or hairs that look slightly too fake. Not with Morales. Each and every portrait in this series brings the same eerily-human representation that stuns every single viewer.


All images © Eloy Morales.

For further examples of Morales’ work, please see his website here.


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