SPOTLIGHT: Jemima Kirke

Girls superstar Jemima Kirke has recently opened her second solo show of painted portraiture. Not many people know this deep, dark actress as the outstanding artist she is, so we want to share with you all some of her recent works.


Jemima Kirke

What I found most surprising about Kirke’s artistic talent is that she has it! We’ve seen (a lot of) Kirke on screen in Girls, but through these images we get a real sense of the artist behind the actress. And the girl’s got talent! Jemima is portraying to the world series after series of portraits that aren’t beautiful by today’s harsh standards, but have such a beautiful element of rawness that encapsulate real emotion. The finished pieces bring vulnerability, power and real elements of disconcertion.


Jemima Kirke

They are real, and they are deep, and they show some true promise for this young artist. Having been shown in several group shows, and currently embarking upon her second solo show, Kirke has been noted as saying “If someone was willing to show my work… I don’t care why. I’m honoured to have the platform.” I think she needs to stop being so modest and really revel in the worldwide attention her works have been receiving. Because they have beenr receiving an lot of attention for a number of years now. There aren’t many painters who work in this kind of style, and it’s really refreshing to see.


Jemima Kirke

All images © Jemima Kirke.

If you are in the San Fransisco area, Kirke’s exhibition runs at Fouladi Projects until May 10th.

For further examples of Kirkes work, please refer to her website here.


One response to “SPOTLIGHT: Jemima Kirke

  1. Thank you for highlighting this artist. Wonderful paintings!

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