SPOTLIGHT: Jesse Draxler

With Hannah Höch being known as the Queen of collages, there is no surprise that the art of collages recently became quite trendy again. One of the artists I had an eye on for at least 8 months now is Minneapolis based visual artist Jesse Draxler.  By looking what feels like at least 4 hours a day on various Art&Design blogs I stumbled across Jesse’s work which consists mostly of collages from different fashion photographs. Being already published in the hip Dazed & Confused, Elle and Creem he is definitely no newcomer in this business.


Jesse currently lives and works in Minneapolis, USA where he also studied a BA in Fine Art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. After living 6 months in Los Angeles, he soon realised that he belong to Minneapolis which he sees as his home where all the magic happens.

Up until recently, Jesse turned his back on computers and worked solely with his hands to created an intriguing piece of work but with all the technology around us it is hard not to get into it.  It was just recently when the young artist stepped into the fascinating world of digital Art. However with his style of work not seeming to have a fixed style, it stands out anyway for being unique.

Focusing mainly on black and white, his work seems fairly moody which he perfectly achieves through using black as one of his main colours. 


Like me, many other young people around the world tend to look online for the newest artworks especially on tumblr. With having found Jesse’s tumblr, I soon realised that mixed media is becoming widely known in the art world. Focusing on fashion shots, his work tends to be quite minimal and simple. Living in a world where the minimal look is coming into trend, there surely is a bright future for Jesse.

His work recently got published by Gestalten in their book ‘The Age of Collage – Contemporary Collage in Modern Art’


All images © Jesse Draxler


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