SPOTLIGHT: Adam Lister

We probably all know Nintendo and Cubism but have you ever wondered what these two completely different things have in common? On my daily routine through the World Wide Web I came across the Beacon, NY based artist, Adam Lister.


With his interest in geometric figures and his love with cubism, he wanted to create art which did not look like the usual kind of painting. His love for videogames came in the 1980s with the invention of the Nintendo.

Painting mainly iconic images and paintings such as Mona Lisa and the Godfather there is enough space for Lister to play with the shapes and colours he is using. Focusing on 8 bit art, the main (round)shapes seem to disappear, although with choosing familiar visuals we are still able to recognize them easily.


Lister who is known as an 8 bit artist and enthusiast has recently done a collaboration with Isaac Budman, a 3d print master from Syracuse, NY which is known as 8 bits, 3 Dimensions. The two artists created unique 8 bit videogame style works of classic pop culture prints in 3d format. Having used classic prints, there will be no disappointment (they even did one of the modern icon, Walter White from Breaking Bad)


If you want to check out his amazing amazing work or want to buy his art, go and check out his website. And if you want to make your own 8 bit art visit this website.

All images © Adam Lister


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