SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Sparrow

Today’s spotlight falls on to the work of artist Jonathan Sparrow, and his other-worldly series pHantasy. Jonathan was born in 1988 in Bromsgrove, England and has a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Loughborough University. He works in range of mixed media from oil paint to collage, and produces an intriguing blend of both; the truth and the mystical.

Untitled (Rainbow Mountain)

His works within pHantasy are particularly mesmerizing, each piece luring the viewer into another dimension, where he has bound together the surreal and the absurd to create captivating scenery.

Through purposely colliding the beautiful and the awe-inspiring, Jonathan’s work offers an escape to a nonsensical reality of mythic landscapes where humorous narratives are loosely woven.


His works invite the viewer to embark on a journey through an alluring playground for the imagination. The reflective materials within his work add an immersive second dimension, allowing the viewer to become a part of the mystical landscapes, as well as just viewing them.


All images © Jonathan Sparrow


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