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Paul Trevillion: Master of Movement

On the 18th of June we will be opening the doors to our summer exhibition, ‘Master of Movement’ by the wonderful Paul Trevillion. Lee Clayton, Head of Sport at the Daily Mail and a huge fan of Paul’s work, shares his views on the exhibition:

“Before Playstations and the digital explosion, even before the original Atari and the launch of the Commodore 64, I grew up with Roy of the Rovers. So I grew up with Paul Trevillion.

My father was an electrician, earning £7-a-week when I was born, and my mother worked part-time as a secretary. We couldn’t afford comics, so my nan, Olive, would treat me to the latest adventures of Roy Race every week.

I can’t draw – I never could – but I would marvel at the movement of the images and the way the Melchester Rovers footballers seemed to climb out of the page.


Charlton, Paul Trevillion

 When Paul was interviewed about his work in those days, he explained: ‘I drew the strip but I couldn’t believe their reaction. They said they couldn’t use it – it was a comic, and they needed busted noses and bandy legs. ‘It’s got to be funny’ they said. ‘No’ I said, ‘it has to be real’. It had to be like Batman and Superman. I do comic art realism, not comic art. Anyway, they put my Roy of the Rovers drawings in. Twelve weeks later on the football terraces and training grounds, if a footballer did something outrageously special you would hear called out: ‘He thinks he’s Roy of the Rovers!’ – Roy became real.”

I’ve been marvelling at Paul’s magnificent work ever since. And now I get the chance to work with one of my heroes, when he is commissioned to deliver new work for the Daily Mail and MailOnline.

Paul was born in the same year as Donald Duck – 1934 – but he remains an explosive firecracker, with a love of his work that is infectious.

In my office in Kensington, I have copies of Paul’s drawings of Andy Murray, David Haye, Alan Wells, Kelly Holmes, Sebastian Coe, Pele, Bobby Moore, Alistair Cook and Don Revie on display, but I always suspect that, whenever he comes to visit, he thinks I should have more! I wish I had the space.


Bradley Wiggins, Paul Trevillion

This exhibition is a show of his genius. You don’t have to love sport to enjoy it, but you will love sport more if you come to see it. He brings sport to life, so come and see for yourself.

In an age when we have outstanding sports coverage on television, Sky Sports has 24 cameras at every live football game and we have more moving images than ever before, Paul still captures something magical, something unique and powerful. Come and see his most recent portrait of Pele. It captures an innocence and joy in football, an image long before the money-laden world of modern sport.

George Best, Dixie Dean, Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne, Sir Bobby Charlton and Pele himself all loved Paul’s work. Lionel Messi and Andy Murray are among hundreds of sporting icons who own his art.

And you can too.

Original artwork and limited edition copies of Paul’s work will be available to purchase at the exhibition. I need to clear some space, because there are more images of Paul’s I would like to own.

I call him ‘Master’. Come along to the exhibition at the Strand Gallery and you will see why.”

The exhibition will be open from the 18th June – 5th July here at The Strand Gallery. Stay tuned for more information!


SPOTLIGHT: Daniel Gonzalez

Having recently become interested in photography in more detail , I stumbled across the Colombian photographer Daniel Gonzalez. Whilst he was still in high school, Daniel specialized in visual arts and became a self-taught photographer with a love for analog photography.


The nude, especially the female nude, is probably one of the oldest themes in art history. Even today, in the year of 2014, Daniel Gonzalez’s photographs of nude women standing the middle of natural environments, are still thought provoking and stunning at the same time.


His photographs may seem shocking, but they also offer a story about how we should not get lost within the confines of cities and towns. His aim was to show naked bodies of both men and women within natural spaces, in an absorbent world of sensations of harmony and peace.


His use of different types of analog cameras with the usual 35mm films creates a hint of vintage feeling, reminding us of back to the basics in modern days; which means no fancy designer clothes, Photoshop and digital cameras.

All images © by Daniel Gonzalez

Crisis Commission 2014 at The Strand Gallery

The Strand Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of The Crisis Commission to the public this Friday, a major exhibition raising money and awareness for Crisis, one of the UK’s leading homeless charities.


Exploring the theme of ‘Home’, the exhibition showcases new works by 18 renowned contemporary artists including Martin Creed, Mark Wallinger, Gavin Turk, George Shaw and Bill Woodrow ahead of an auction held at Christie’s on the 2nd July, which last year raised an incredible £340,000 for Crisis.

Displayed alongside these celebrated artists, will be artwork by people that have experienced homelessness, creating an extraordinary combined expression of the theme ‘home’. The exhibition offers a striking and emotive selection of painting, photography, sculpture and print from a wide range of talents, that together, create a powerful and thought-provoking experience.

Mark Wallinger - Crisis Commission HOME by Sam Mellish

Mark Wallinger and his piece ‘No Way Home’ (2014)

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people, and each year they help thousands of  people across the UK rebuild their lives through housing, health, education and employment services. The Crisis Commission comes at a time of rising homelessness, and last year over 100,000 households came to their local council as homeless.

George Shaw, who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2011, said: “When I was invited by Crisis to make a piece of work on the theme of ‘Home’ I felt a little like a workshy cheat because I’ve been circulating around the subject for the last 18 years or so. You could say that we all circulate around the idea of home throughout our life. With this in mind it was clear to me that I could only make a piece of work that told my own idea, my own story of what home means.”

Lottie Davies - My Mother Was Born In A Bucket

Lottie Davies, ‘HOME: My mother was born in a bucket (edition 1/3) (2014)

Curated by Laurence Sillars, chief curator at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, in Gateshead and sponsored by Glaxo Smith Kline, the unmissable exhibition will take place at The Strand Gallery from the 30th-May – 9th June, 11am – 6pm.


PREVIEW: Paul Trevillion ‘Master of Movement’

We are thrilled to announce our summer exhibition, launching at The Strand Gallery on June 18th! In association with The Daily Mail, the talented Paul Trevillion will be showcasing a wonderful collection of drawings featuring some of the best known sporting stars.



In his career spanning over 60 years, the Master of Movement has drawn some of the biggest names in sport. With his unique flair, he has managed to capture the personality of his subjects and has been featured on the pages of countless publications including The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Times, and The Shoot and is the creator of the extremely popular comic strip You Are The Ref.

Trevillion,  born in Tottenham in 1934, began drawing from a very young age; since his days drawing his Spurs heroes, whilst standing on the terraces at White Hart Lane, he has forged an enormously successful career, brilliantly capturing the likes of Pele, Bobby Moore, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andy Murray to name just a few.



Rossi by Paul Trevillion

The exhibition will be open to the public from 18th June – 5th July, 11am – 6pm. Pieces on display will be available for purchase.

Stay tuned for more details!

All images copyright Paul Trevillion ©

SPOTLIGHT: Jeremy Geddes

I recently came across the works of Australian artist Jeremy Geddes, and was immediately taken aback by the complexity and beauty of his large-scale oil paintings.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jeremy is a hyper realist painter widely known for his 2009 ‘Cosmonaut’ series, which depicts astronauts suspended in a ghostly netherworld. He has won admiration and acclaim for his highly-detailed work that often take months to complete.

Geddes Astronaut

His more recent works are charged with emotion including incredible paintings of figures at the mercy of invisible forces, with the narrative of the works purposely left open for the viewers personal interpretation. Jeremy says “I’m keen to never give enough clues to block any potential explanation the viewer might bring. I want to spark questions, rather than answer them.”.

Geddes window

Jeremy’s impressive paintings stem from a methodical process – he begins by reworking preliminary studies of tone, composition and colour which he then translates into large-scale, paying attention to minute details. He states “I always want the painting to be just as interesting when you have your nose to the work
as when you are standing back from it”. The painstaking details of his works make the unreal feel real in the scenes of photorealism fused with surrealism.

geddes 4

Jeremy has also illustrated for comic book covers, and won the multiple awards including for his children’s book ‘The Mystery of Eilean’. See more of Jeremy’s breathtaking work here.

All images © Jeremy Geddes


Today’s spotlight focuses on Taiwanese photographer Hao Li, and his captivating series Le Mécanisme Répétitif (The Repetitive Mechanism).

Hao Li 1

Hao Li is based in France, and his ghostly series came an impressive second place in the Professional Conceptual category of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, and it’s not hard to see why. Supported by the World Photography Organisation, the competition is recognised as the leading photographic awards programme in existence today.

His work reflects the sometimes repetitive routine of daily life, suggesting that we have lost ourselves within an immense system that emphasises both efficiency and productivity. Recognizing this system, Hao Li purposely placed himself amidst the repetitive rhythm, and returned every day at the exact same time to the various different locations, ranging from train stations to supermarkets.

Hao Li 2

With the same framing, Hao Li limited himself to one exposure per day on the same piece of film, and complied the shots together to create one single multi-exposure photograph. The result is astounding; offering a high-speed adaptation of the every day places we travel through and the people we pass as eerie, unidentifiable figures.

Hao Li 3

Check out the rest of the Sony World Photography Awards winners here to discover other amazing talent and to see some unforgettable photographs.

Winning and shortlisted images will be presented at Somerset House, London from 1-18 May as part of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition.

All images © Hao Li

COMING UP: UCA Degree Show

We are delighted to announce our first degree show of the year here at The Strand Gallery, showcasing the works of the talented graduates of BA (Hons) Digital Communication Design from The University for the Creative Arts.


The exhibition will be bringing some of UK’s finest Digital Communication Design graduates to the heart of London, and will feature a broad range of work from over twenty students. Expect to see an eclectic mix of works including a playful soundscape generator, speculative design objects examining phantom gestures, a car hacking documentary, and a collaborative hand drawn film.


Digital Communication Design is a cutting-edge degree known for pushing boundaries and the creation of innovative works. They practice in exploring the impact of digital culture on graphic design, developing a specialized skill set which leads into a range of new media design and communication roles.

We cannot wait to see the inspiring work from some of the UK’s most promising graduates; come down to The Strand Gallery on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th May from 11am until 6pm to see the work for yourself.

COMING UP: The Crisis Commission 2014


Following the exhibition’s success at The Bermondsey Project, (until May 24th), The Strand Gallery is delighted to announce its forthcoming major exhibition ‘Home’ – The Crisis Commission, featuring the works of celebrated contemporary artists in support of one the UK’s leading homeless charities, Crisis.

Curated by Laurence Sillars, the chief curator at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts, the unmissable show features 18 renowned artists including Martin Creed, Mark Wallinger, Gavin Turk, Bill Woodrow, George Shaw and Richard Long. The exhibition showcases an eclectic mixture of film, painting and illustration alongside works created by people from across the UK who are clients of Crisis and have experienced homelessness themselves.

Together, the works offer a unique combined reflection on the theme ‘Home’, with exhibiting Turner Prize winner Martin Creed stating: “Because art can be anything, you don’t know what it is… A work of art is not a definable thing. Life and work is a desperate attempt to try to come to terms with this stuff that comes out of you…the things you find yourself doing almost not within your control”.

Crisis is the national charity for the single homeless, and provides invaluable support by helping to rebuild people’s lives through housing, health, education and employment services. They work with thousands of homeless people across the UK, and just last year they awarded 2,108 qualifications, supported 376 people into work and found homes for a further 3,000.

Following the exhibition, the featured works will be placed on auction at the renowned Christie’s on the 1st July. All proceeds will go to Crisis, enabling them to fund more life changing projects to fight against homelessness in the UK. Last year’s auction saw a fantastic £340,000  raised, with the help of their lead sponsor GlaxoSmithKline.

The Crisis Commission is an extraordinary must-see for 2014, with curator Laurence Sillars stating: “The Crisis Commission gives contemporary artists of the very highest calibre the scope to create incredibly ambitious works. With such an array of talent contributing to the theme of ‘Home’, the exhibition promises to be spectacular”.

The exhibition takes place at The Strand Gallery from 30th May until 8th June, and is not one to miss!



COMING UP: Nicholas de Lacy-Brown

 Nicholas De Lacy-Brown’s new solo exhibition ‘When (S)pain became the Norm’, launches at The Strand Gallery next week. A 5 year break from his last solo show, De-Lacy Brown brings to the gallery a new collection of painted and prints divided into his themes of pain, Spain and the norms. 


Prolific from an early age, the 30 year old artist is definitely no newcomer in the art industry with having already exhibited widely in his home county of Sussex, (which he now calls home), Paris, Copenhagen,  New York and extensively in and around Marbella, Spain.

The Artist is by no means a newcomer to the exhibitions scene, having exhibited in Sussex, London, Paris, Copenhagen, New York and Spain, despite having no formal artistic qualifications. A trained lawyer and qualified barrister, the 30 year old Artist had his first exhibition at 13 consisting of 37 paintings of Shakespeare’s plays. In May 2008 he was involved in a major road accident and this exhibition at The Strand Gallery, will feature 12 pieces created during his convalescence.


A selection of his finest work inspired by the landscape and cultural heritage of Spain will be on show along with his distinctive paintings of his imagined one armed white creation. The exhibition will give an insight on the creative and imaginative worlds that De-Lacy Brown has created over his vast artistic career.

Guerra! FINAL

By choosing mainly bright colours in his surrealistic type of paintings, De Lacy-Brown always remains faithful to his trademark themes of bold, vivid colour with hidden meanings and messages.

‘When (S)pain became the Norm will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 13th – 18th May 2014, 11am – 7pm

All images © Nicholas De Lacy-Brown

SPOTLIGHT: Samuel T. Hart

Sam T. Hart exhibited with us back in February as part of the Arnis Purple exhibition, Re-Imagining London. Currently pursuing his BA in Graphic Design at Camberwell College of the Arts (UAL), where  he will be graduating this summer. His work focuses on photographs taken in and around the capital, with especially focusing on the skyline of the capital.


One of his works from the exhibition focuses on subterranean London, which shows an astonishing photograph from the inside of Tottenham Court Road Station. On his tumblr he mentioned how his inspiration and fascination came from a piece by Zishi Han, shown at the London Transport Museum.

However according to Sam, since watching Koyaanisqatsi, he became interested in how light and weather affects and also change tall glass buildings. Therefore his photographs mainly consist of skyscrapers in central London, with the Shard and 20 Fenchurch Street as good examples.



All images © Sam T. Hart