COMING UP: Nicholas de Lacy-Brown

 Nicholas De Lacy-Brown’s new solo exhibition ‘When (S)pain became the Norm’, launches at The Strand Gallery next week. A 5 year break from his last solo show, De-Lacy Brown brings to the gallery a new collection of painted and prints divided into his themes of pain, Spain and the norms. 


Prolific from an early age, the 30 year old artist is definitely no newcomer in the art industry with having already exhibited widely in his home county of Sussex, (which he now calls home), Paris, Copenhagen,  New York and extensively in and around Marbella, Spain.

The Artist is by no means a newcomer to the exhibitions scene, having exhibited in Sussex, London, Paris, Copenhagen, New York and Spain, despite having no formal artistic qualifications. A trained lawyer and qualified barrister, the 30 year old Artist had his first exhibition at 13 consisting of 37 paintings of Shakespeare’s plays. In May 2008 he was involved in a major road accident and this exhibition at The Strand Gallery, will feature 12 pieces created during his convalescence.


A selection of his finest work inspired by the landscape and cultural heritage of Spain will be on show along with his distinctive paintings of his imagined one armed white creation. The exhibition will give an insight on the creative and imaginative worlds that De-Lacy Brown has created over his vast artistic career.

Guerra! FINAL

By choosing mainly bright colours in his surrealistic type of paintings, De Lacy-Brown always remains faithful to his trademark themes of bold, vivid colour with hidden meanings and messages.

‘When (S)pain became the Norm will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 13th – 18th May 2014, 11am – 7pm

All images © Nicholas De Lacy-Brown


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