SPOTLIGHT: Jeremy Geddes

I recently came across the works of Australian artist Jeremy Geddes, and was immediately taken aback by the complexity and beauty of his large-scale oil paintings.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jeremy is a hyper realist painter widely known for his 2009 ‘Cosmonaut’ series, which depicts astronauts suspended in a ghostly netherworld. He has won admiration and acclaim for his highly-detailed work that often take months to complete.

Geddes Astronaut

His more recent works are charged with emotion including incredible paintings of figures at the mercy of invisible forces, with the narrative of the works purposely left open for the viewers personal interpretation. Jeremy says “I’m keen to never give enough clues to block any potential explanation the viewer might bring. I want to spark questions, rather than answer them.”.

Geddes window

Jeremy’s impressive paintings stem from a methodical process – he begins by reworking preliminary studies of tone, composition and colour which he then translates into large-scale, paying attention to minute details. He states “I always want the painting to be just as interesting when you have your nose to the work
as when you are standing back from it”. The painstaking details of his works make the unreal feel real in the scenes of photorealism fused with surrealism.

geddes 4

Jeremy has also illustrated for comic book covers, and won the multiple awards including for his children’s book ‘The Mystery of Eilean’. See more of Jeremy’s breathtaking work here.

All images © Jeremy Geddes


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