Crisis Commission 2014 at The Strand Gallery

The Strand Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of The Crisis Commission to the public this Friday, a major exhibition raising money and awareness for Crisis, one of the UK’s leading homeless charities.


Exploring the theme of ‘Home’, the exhibition showcases new works by 18 renowned contemporary artists including Martin Creed, Mark Wallinger, Gavin Turk, George Shaw and Bill Woodrow ahead of an auction held at Christie’s on the 2nd July, which last year raised an incredible £340,000 for Crisis.

Displayed alongside these celebrated artists, will be artwork by people that have experienced homelessness, creating an extraordinary combined expression of the theme ‘home’. The exhibition offers a striking and emotive selection of painting, photography, sculpture and print from a wide range of talents, that together, create a powerful and thought-provoking experience.

Mark Wallinger - Crisis Commission HOME by Sam Mellish

Mark Wallinger and his piece ‘No Way Home’ (2014)

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people, and each year they help thousands of  people across the UK rebuild their lives through housing, health, education and employment services. The Crisis Commission comes at a time of rising homelessness, and last year over 100,000 households came to their local council as homeless.

George Shaw, who was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2011, said: “When I was invited by Crisis to make a piece of work on the theme of ‘Home’ I felt a little like a workshy cheat because I’ve been circulating around the subject for the last 18 years or so. You could say that we all circulate around the idea of home throughout our life. With this in mind it was clear to me that I could only make a piece of work that told my own idea, my own story of what home means.”

Lottie Davies - My Mother Was Born In A Bucket

Lottie Davies, ‘HOME: My mother was born in a bucket (edition 1/3) (2014)

Curated by Laurence Sillars, chief curator at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, in Gateshead and sponsored by Glaxo Smith Kline, the unmissable exhibition will take place at The Strand Gallery from the 30th-May – 9th June, 11am – 6pm.



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