Paul Trevillion: Master of Movement

On the 18th of June we will be opening the doors to our summer exhibition, ‘Master of Movement’ by the wonderful Paul Trevillion. Lee Clayton, Head of Sport at the Daily Mail and a huge fan of Paul’s work, shares his views on the exhibition:

“Before Playstations and the digital explosion, even before the original Atari and the launch of the Commodore 64, I grew up with Roy of the Rovers. So I grew up with Paul Trevillion.

My father was an electrician, earning £7-a-week when I was born, and my mother worked part-time as a secretary. We couldn’t afford comics, so my nan, Olive, would treat me to the latest adventures of Roy Race every week.

I can’t draw – I never could – but I would marvel at the movement of the images and the way the Melchester Rovers footballers seemed to climb out of the page.


Charlton, Paul Trevillion

 When Paul was interviewed about his work in those days, he explained: ‘I drew the strip but I couldn’t believe their reaction. They said they couldn’t use it – it was a comic, and they needed busted noses and bandy legs. ‘It’s got to be funny’ they said. ‘No’ I said, ‘it has to be real’. It had to be like Batman and Superman. I do comic art realism, not comic art. Anyway, they put my Roy of the Rovers drawings in. Twelve weeks later on the football terraces and training grounds, if a footballer did something outrageously special you would hear called out: ‘He thinks he’s Roy of the Rovers!’ – Roy became real.”

I’ve been marvelling at Paul’s magnificent work ever since. And now I get the chance to work with one of my heroes, when he is commissioned to deliver new work for the Daily Mail and MailOnline.

Paul was born in the same year as Donald Duck – 1934 – but he remains an explosive firecracker, with a love of his work that is infectious.

In my office in Kensington, I have copies of Paul’s drawings of Andy Murray, David Haye, Alan Wells, Kelly Holmes, Sebastian Coe, Pele, Bobby Moore, Alistair Cook and Don Revie on display, but I always suspect that, whenever he comes to visit, he thinks I should have more! I wish I had the space.


Bradley Wiggins, Paul Trevillion

This exhibition is a show of his genius. You don’t have to love sport to enjoy it, but you will love sport more if you come to see it. He brings sport to life, so come and see for yourself.

In an age when we have outstanding sports coverage on television, Sky Sports has 24 cameras at every live football game and we have more moving images than ever before, Paul still captures something magical, something unique and powerful. Come and see his most recent portrait of Pele. It captures an innocence and joy in football, an image long before the money-laden world of modern sport.

George Best, Dixie Dean, Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne, Sir Bobby Charlton and Pele himself all loved Paul’s work. Lionel Messi and Andy Murray are among hundreds of sporting icons who own his art.

And you can too.

Original artwork and limited edition copies of Paul’s work will be available to purchase at the exhibition. I need to clear some space, because there are more images of Paul’s I would like to own.

I call him ‘Master’. Come along to the exhibition at the Strand Gallery and you will see why.”

The exhibition will be open from the 18th June – 5th July here at The Strand Gallery. Stay tuned for more information!


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