SPOTLIGHT: Daniel Gonzalez

Having recently become interested in photography in more detail , I stumbled across the Colombian photographer Daniel Gonzalez. Whilst he was still in high school, Daniel specialized in visual arts and became a self-taught photographer with a love for analog photography.


The nude, especially the female nude, is probably one of the oldest themes in art history. Even today, in the year of 2014, Daniel Gonzalez’s photographs of nude women standing the middle of natural environments, are still thought provoking and stunning at the same time.


His photographs may seem shocking, but they also offer a story about how we should not get lost within the confines of cities and towns. His aim was to show naked bodies of both men and women within natural spaces, in an absorbent world of sensations of harmony and peace.


His use of different types of analog cameras with the usual 35mm films creates a hint of vintage feeling, reminding us of back to the basics in modern days; which means no fancy designer clothes, Photoshop and digital cameras.

All images © by Daniel Gonzalez


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