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MASTER of MOVEMENT: Paul Trevillion

We are thrilled to be hosting ‘Master of Movement’ at The Strand Gallery from 18th June – 5th July.  Showing over 70 works by the talented sports illustrator Paul Trevillion, the exhibition documents his work over a hugely successful 60 year career.


Open 11am – 6pm Monday – Sunday

All Images © Paul Trevillion


‘Master of Movement’, an Exhibition by Paul Trevillion

On Wednesday 18th June 2014, The Strand Gallery will be opening its doors to the eagerly awaited ‘Master of Movement’ by the brilliant Paul Trevillion. In association with the Daily Mail, the exhibition will be showcasing over 50 pieces of work from throughout his highly successful 60 year career.

The must-see show features a selection of the most powerful and iconic images in the history of sport, ranging from Usain Bolt to Pele. Each drawing is captured with an expert accuracy and a unique flair that creates a buzz of energy and movement. Be sure to visit The Strand Gallery between 11am-6pm from Wednesday 18th June until Saturday 5th July to see the unmissable exhibition for yourself!


SPOTLIGHT: Simone Truong

I recently came across a great article and interview on contemporary art blog Young Gold Teeth, which introduced me to the wondrous works of Simone Truong. Simone is a contemporary artist based in Newcastle, who works in a variety of mediums to create stunning limited edition prints and originals that predominantly explore the themes of flora and fauna.


Simone’s work highlights the transience of living things, creating dream-like visions that leave nature frozen in time, fusing together both the old and the new. Each piece presents varied scenarios, ranging from beautifully crafted petals suspended in an ethereal space, to flowers poised against a stark blackness of an unknown world. Whilst considering the ephemerality of nature, the works reference minimalism, classical painting and surrealism simultaneously.


Since graduating in 2010 from De Montfort University in BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration, Simone has shown at various galleries across the UK and is currently represented by Curious Duke Gallery and Opus Fine Art. Simone’s work was also featured at The Affordable Art Fair 2014 which took place earlier this month in Hampstead, and will be on sale again later this year when the fair is held in Battersea on the 23rd-26th October.


Check out Simone’s website to find out more information and to see more of her astounding works.

SPOTLIGHT: Reece Woodhams

Today’s spotlight focuses on Photography graduate Reece Woodhams, and his camera-less series ‘Untitled 1’.

Reece_Woodhams_01 Sturgeon

Reece is a Sussex based artist, which is where he spent his childhood roaming the fields, flood plains and woods that created the influential backbone to his camera-less work today. His work often focuses on recapturing nostalgic images of the past, giving strong feelings of déjà vu when making his work.

Reece_Woodhams_05 FrogThese photograms aren’t a replica of past memories, but neither are they a misinterpreted perception, they are instead as Reece puts it, “A way of reconnecting with something that is now lost”.

Reece_Woodhams_04 EelHis works invite the viewer to experience a journey of the artist’s own relationship with nature, both now as an adult and in the past as a child. The prints themselves somewhat feel like studies of the creatures as though your observing them through a glass container in a laboratory.

COMING UP: Master of Movement

Two weeks today, Paul Trevillion’s highly anticipated exhibition ‘Master of Movement’ launches here at The Strand Gallery, showcasing a range of the most powerful and iconic images in the history of sport.

Paul is renowned for crafting his work with an expert accuracy and creating unique drawings that come alive with energy. His remarkable talent won the praise of Disney animator Milt Neil who said, “It took 20 Disney drawings to produce the movement Trevillion captures in one”.



 Pele, Paul Trevillion

Born in 1934 and a career spanning over 60 years, Paul is acclaimed as one of the finest artists in comic art realism. Having met and skilfully drawn an incredible list of sporting heroes including Bobby Moore, Pele and Andy Murray to name only a few, some would argue that you have not made it unless your face has been crafted by a Trevillion brushstroke.

Author of the renowned cult comic strip You Are The Ref and a regular feature in a number of publications including the Daily Mail, Paul’s work has appeared in almost every UK magazine. On top of his hugely successful career as an artist, Paul has dabbled in an eclectic range of other professions, including stand up comedy and inventing a split-handed golf-putting technique. In 1952, The Duke of Edinburgh wrote a letter to the Master of Movement praising his artwork, and 62  years later his drawings are is still admired by sporting heroes and fans alike.

KELLY HOLMES by Trevillion

Dame Kelly Holmes, Paul Trevillion

George Best, Dixie Dean, Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne, Sir Bobby Charlton and Pele all loved Paul’s work, with Lionel Messi and Andy Murray among hundreds of sporting icons who own his art. Lee Clayton, Head of Sport for the Daily Mail who shared his views in our previous post said, “This exhibition is a show of his genius. You don’t have to love sport to enjoy it, but you will love sport more if you come to see it. He brings sport to life. Come see for yourself.”


Sir Bobby Moore, Paul Trevillion

Catch Paul’s unmissable show at The Strand Gallery from Wednesday 18th June until Saturday 5th July from 11am – 6pm. Pieces on display will be available to purchase – both original artworks and limited edition copies.