SPOTLIGHT: Reece Woodhams

Today’s spotlight focuses on Photography graduate Reece Woodhams, and his camera-less series ‘Untitled 1’.

Reece_Woodhams_01 Sturgeon

Reece is a Sussex based artist, which is where he spent his childhood roaming the fields, flood plains and woods that created the influential backbone to his camera-less work today. His work often focuses on recapturing nostalgic images of the past, giving strong feelings of déjà vu when making his work.

Reece_Woodhams_05 FrogThese photograms aren’t a replica of past memories, but neither are they a misinterpreted perception, they are instead as Reece puts it, “A way of reconnecting with something that is now lost”.

Reece_Woodhams_04 EelHis works invite the viewer to experience a journey of the artist’s own relationship with nature, both now as an adult and in the past as a child. The prints themselves somewhat feel like studies of the creatures as though your observing them through a glass container in a laboratory.


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