SPOTLIGHT: Simone Truong

I recently came across a great article and interview on contemporary art blog Young Gold Teeth, which introduced me to the wondrous works of Simone Truong. Simone is a contemporary artist based in Newcastle, who works in a variety of mediums to create stunning limited edition prints and originals that predominantly explore the themes of flora and fauna.


Simone’s work highlights the transience of living things, creating dream-like visions that leave nature frozen in time, fusing together both the old and the new. Each piece presents varied scenarios, ranging from beautifully crafted petals suspended in an ethereal space, to flowers poised against a stark blackness of an unknown world. Whilst considering the ephemerality of nature, the works reference minimalism, classical painting and surrealism simultaneously.


Since graduating in 2010 from De Montfort University in BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration, Simone has shown at various galleries across the UK and is currently represented by Curious Duke Gallery and Opus Fine Art. Simone’s work was also featured at The Affordable Art Fair 2014 which took place earlier this month in Hampstead, and will be on sale again later this year when the fair is held in Battersea on the 23rd-26th October.


Check out Simone’s website to find out more information and to see more of her astounding works.


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