As summer degree shows come to a close, we want to share with you our personal highlights of the crop of talented artists graduating this year. Tess Dumon in particular caught our eye after taking first place in the Central Saint Martins BORN prize for her installation piece ‘Stabat Mater (Lorasifar, Depakin, Tegretol&Circadin)’.

 tess dumon

The body of work aims to identify Dumon’s own selective memory as a child and how trauma and grief can become lodged into our psyche in peculiar ways. The piece made entirely of chicken wire depicts four horses as emblems of the four anti-epileptic medicines her late brother used (the names of which appear in the title above). The creatures retell a memory of suffering and exist mainly as embodiments of Death, with the horses vaguely alluding to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. They hang in the Central Saint Martins atrium and suspend in the air as if they are frozen in time. They float above the inhabitants of the building and transcend between earth and heaven, immortalised mid-movement in a type of purgatory. The piece stands alone as a confession of a very poignant scar in the artist’s mind.


It is a gift to be able to create a structure so beautiful from a memory that is so upsetting, there is a strength to Dumon’s story telling that makes her installation so compelling.

The full story behind Dumon’s horses can be found here.


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