SPOTLIGHT: Dario Srbic

Dario Srbic is the winner of the Photographic Angle award this year and is perhaps one of the most thought provoking photographers to have graduated from Central Saint Martins. His work has already featured in two exhibitions this year, and we’re sure that by the time he graduates he’ll have more than just degree shows to worry about.


His body of work entitled ‘n-1’ is currently featuring at The Bargehouse, London and presents prints that are as cold as the warehouse they reside at. The series is unnervingly calculated with thin, metallic strips repeating in a linear sequence that as an audience, we cannot decipher the meaning of. At first glance the large scale works are almost reminiscent of a circuit board with a structure based on simple geometry. However it speaks a language that is not on a human frequency, with a rhythm that is mechanical and constructed. When staring at them our eyes cannot latch onto the sequence causing the compositions to blur our vision, in turn only leaving us with an unwanted peripheral vibration.


It is rare for an art work to impose on a viewer’s experience so heavily, and that’s why we think Srbic has had the acclaim he’s received so far in his career.

Visit Srbic’s website here to see his current work.


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