COMING UP: Nature and Self

Exhibition flyer The Strand Gallery is excited to introduce our new exhibition, Nature and Self, a selection of paintings by Karachi based Seemab Tariq. The works will be presented by Ayarri Gallery’s curator Fara Jabeen.  Ayarri is London’s newest online gallery featuring contemporary Pakistani artists. This exhibition will showcase a collection of paintings drawing on the artists own deeply personal self-examination and his relationship with the wider world. Seemab’s traditional Islamic Calligraphy is evident throughout the works with his use of strong calligraphic lines, leading you into a riot of colour and a world that he has created. The rustic and distressed canvases add a deeper dimension and give a real sense of time passed. “Born out of the Karachi’s vibrant and cosmopolitan art scene, Seemab’s abstract work sits very comfortably on the international art scene. It is a real visual and spiritual feast for the eyes as well as imagination and is the perfect collection to feature as Ayyari’s launch exhibition” – Fara Jabeen. Canvas 32 Canvas 27


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