COMING UP: Intercontinental Drift

This new exhibition celebrates two projects: an ongoing student exchange with the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (India) and the 2014 MFA Photography graduates final work from University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Photography at Farnham has a long and distinguished history with many of our talented graduates acknowledged as leading figures in the field. Our (UCA) exchange project with the National Institute of Design in India (funded by the British Council) has been an extraordinary experience bringing together two vibrant learning environments and encouraging students into an ambitious programme of photographic activity within totally new cultural contexts. The results have frequently surprised and enchanted both staff and students, new territories and ways of working were embraced and long term friendships forged. This has been a life changing project for all those who took part.

In the MFA show (upstairs in the gallery) the cohort are exceptional; their work is both adventurous and intelligent, investigating subjects using the broadest range of photographic genres. The projects engage with social issues, personal histories, space and identity, abstraction and the materiality of photography. From transgender identity in India to a project based on the forms of Chinese painting. There are investigations into memory and trauma, contemporary domestic duty and as well a story about modern love. The work is visually dynamic and the projects diverse, each artist employing highly sophisticated strategies to achieve their aims. These graduates are the world’s future creative professionals, this exhibition marks the start of their journey.


Intercontinental Drift will be exhibited at The Strand Gallery from 18th – 20th of November 2014.


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