NOW SHOWING: A406, Knock Very Loudly Please by Colin Hutton

The Strand Gallery is thrilled to announce our new exhibition by photographer Colin Hutton,  A406- Or Knock Very Loudly Please.

Colin Hutton, born in Glasgow, trained as a photographer and film maker at the Bournemouth College of Art & Design. After graduating, he gained a one-year mentorship under John Cleese and William Goldman through the Fulbright Fellowship in Screenwriting. Since 2007, he has focused on his photographic roots and has established himself as a unit and specials photographer for several well-known TV series such as Sherlock, Broadchurch, and Outnumbered. His works have been exhibited in recent years at The Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition, the Association of Photographers Open Exhibition, and the Renaissance Photography Prize Exhibition.

A406 – Or Knock Very Loudly Please exhibits a project completed in 2011, which documents the area around the A406, North Circular Road, London. The constant change, as well as the forgotten remnants of those who worked and live in this area is captured in a series of poignant and stunning photographs. Hutton focuses not on the cars, but on the abandoned sites that line up against the roughly 29 miles of motorway.

01_A406_Abandoned Gloves_Print

We look forward to present to you this unique exhibition that offers a glimpse into one of the often overlooked realities of bustling, metropolitan London.

For more information on Colin Hutton’s A406 Project, as well as his other works please visit his website:

The A406- Or Knock Very Loudly Please will be on show at The Strand Gallery from the 17th-22nd of March, 2015.


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