Monthly Archives: April 2015

COMING UP: Doppelgängers

Next week opens  Doppelgängers, an exhibition showcasing the work of young artists and writers based in London.

From 28th – 3rd May, the exhibition will explore the concept of oneself as an anthropological subject and the way creative enquiry exists within day-to-day working lives.

Doppelgängers will be the the debut for future collaborations between young, new, London based artists and writers. The curators, Kate Holford and Julia White, aim to create a network for those to engage and continue their practice in the city and exhibit their work and ideas.

The exhibition’s contributors come from an amalagamation of backgrounds and professions; from students to booksellers, chefs, gardeners and decorators.

For any further enquiries regarding the exhibition and the aritsts please contact: Kate Holford or Julia White