Laura Linck: Never Before Seen ‘Behind the Scene’ Photographs Revealed

BEHIND THE SCENE - Exhibition Poster A0

Opening to the public on 23rd June is ‘Behind the Scene’ by photographer and filmmaker Laura Linck. These photographs reveal theatre actors, directors and writers behind the scenes over time and will be unveiled for the first time in this exhibition.

Linck presents never before seen photographs of Dame Judi Dench, Ben Wishaw, Sir David Hare, Eve Best, Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley, Sir Richard Eyre, Tom Hollander and many others.

Born and brought up in France, Linck has always had a love and passion for film and theatre. In this first exhibition, she offers a glimpse of the unseen in the film and theatre world. The series began when Linck worked as an usher at the Old Vic Theatre, observing the actors at work every day. She discovered this hidden world and decided to document it.

‘Behind the Scene’ brings together work from this body of work as well as a number of photographs produced as momentos of some of the greatest film and theatre artists of today.

Raising money towards Mental Health Research, this charity is the first in the UK dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illness, causes and cures.

Behind the Scene will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 23rd – 28th June, 11am – 6pm.


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