SPOTLIGHT: Jacob Perlmutter

Jacob Perlmutter began his career as a photographer and freelanced from a young age, working for NME, XL Recordings and Vice Magazine. He went on to shoot major photoessay projects such as ’88 Days’, which was a homage to Robert Frank 50 years after ‘The Americans’ were first published and since has gone on to create other photographic bodies such as ‘Sweet India’ and ‘Meanwhile in Rio’.

jacob perlmutter

As well as focussing on his photography career, he also has a debut album ‘Meanwhile, In Rio’ which was recorded in 2014 and is a filmmaker, having won international awards for several of his short films.

jacob perlmutter rio

For Perlmutter, Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand are his main inspiration due to the ‘powerful, yet effortless way’ they capture humanity, which can be seen through his traditional and raw style of documentary photography.

88 days perlmutter

For more information on his work please visit his website here .


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