COMING UP: Infinite Human – Crossing Boundaries Beyond the Figure

poster-highresA group show curated by Liliana Gallagher, ‘Infinite Human’ takes the viewer on a journey exploring the human figure, from traditional representational works, expressionist and abstract paintings, through to the contemporary and conceptual pieces.

The human figure provides artists with infinite inspiration, and is as relevant in today’s post-digital contemporary art as it was to our pre-historic ancestors. Eleven artists brought together each explore their own visual language in relation to the human figure, in this diverse show comprising of both established and emerging artists.

‘Infinite Human: Crossing Boundaries Beyond the Figure’ will show at The Strand Gallery from 7th – 11th July, 11am – 6pm.

For more information please visit:

Exhibiting Artists:

Francis De Vivo, Masoomeh Faraji , Greg Finn

Liliana Gallagher, Stephen Gregson, Tanya Hooker

Mary Law, Crystal Lonsdale, Eve Pettitt

Mita Solanky, Simon Yates

All Images © Of Artists.


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