SPOTLIGHT: Nkechi Ebubedike

Born in 1984, Nkechi Ebubedike is a Nigerian American artist working with painting, sculpture installation, photography and mixed media techniques. She incorporates found objects in her work as well as distorting original photographs and video footage, concentrating on her own experiences in an urban and suburban environment and travelling for much of her life.

Bright Boys 3

Describing her relation to Nigeria, Ebubedike notes how her experience living there at a young age stimulated her interest in the culture and ways in which she could express this through her work. Now residing in Washington and London, the artist combines her encounters in contrasting civilizations and blend of cultures.

Bright Boys (Untitled #3), 2015

Her 2011 collection of work entitled ‘Bright Boys’ consists of altered digital images with contemporary urban forms and a mix of bright, vibrant colors. Each image centers on cultural representations of African/American males, manipulating the way in which they are perceived by the hallucinogenic display of space and distorted identity. Each work displaces the viewer momentarily, inviting them to examine the subject and the subliminal messages veiled in the aesthetics.

The Quiet Light Within
Quiet Light

In 2014, Ebubedike received public acclaim for her video montage entitled ‘The Quiet Light Within’, selected for the Juror’s prize for the National Art Competition. In this piece, the artist explores the relationship between power and the environment and how this affects our well-being as well as our perception of the world. It further examines the distribution of power and accessibility in other less developed areas, highlighting the resourcefulness and creativity necessary when ‘power’ is not easily established.

To find out more information about Nkechi Ebubedike and her work, please visit


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