Clive McDonnell Photographic Exhibition

From 22nd-26th September, The Strand Gallery is proud to host the photographic exhibition of internationally renowned landscape architect and artist Clive McDonnell.

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Clive has worked on a numerous major design projects throughout the UK, Europe, the Caribbean and even as far as Australia. Most notably, Clive contributed to the detailed planting design for Disneyland Paris’s main park as well as the River Torrens Linear Park in South Australia, of which he designed over 3 kilometers of space.

Image02a2014-03-20 22.15.22_Crop

Paired with his training in landscape design, Clive further retains a great interest in ecology and natural surroundings, which subsequently fuelled the subject matter of his work. The artist’s empathy with the environment is strongly evident in his photography on display in this unique exhibition, featuring landscapes from often remote and beautiful locations. These settings stem from Clive’s passion for fly fishing in Australia, where he travels every winter to capture these stunning photographic images.

Clive McDonnell’s photographic exhibition will be held at The Strand Gallery from 22nd-26th September 2015, 11-6pm daily – it’s definitely not one to miss.


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