Gaelle Desmet Exhibition

From 28th September to 4th October, The Stand Gallery is proud to host the exhibition of French artist Gaelle Desmet entitled; ‘The Life’. This exhibition will display thirty of Gaelle’s works produced in 2013-14, Toulouse, which represent the artist’s emotions associated with waiting for a child in a very personal and intimate way. She expresses these feelings through geometric shape and colour and aims to produce within the viewer a similar emotional response. The central theme underlining each work featured in this exhibition is, quite simply, ‘life’.

Gaelle’s artistic interest originated at a young age when drawing in notebooks at school. Art represents freedom of expression for the artist, who graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Dunkirk where she studied art history as well as printmaking and drawing.

TABLEAU LONDRES LA DAME A LUNETTEParticularly taken by the Cubist movement, Gaelle produced numerous landscape paintings incorporating geometric shapes and lines in an abstract fashion. In this specific exhibition, Gaelle has taken her inspiration from her experience during pregnancy and as a mother, with each painting bearing an emotion felt before and after the birth of her son. She tends to draw a lot of children’s paintings and works in connection to the theme of children in a more general sense, with influence from basic sketches and colouring books.


In the gallery space, the artist will further organise a children’s area in which tables will be placed at their own level in order for them to admire the works of art surrounding them. This feature works in conjunction with the added display of work from the artist’s own son, allowing child spectators to not only observe an artist’s work, but the art of another child too.

“Art is the freedom of making an emotion visible by giving free rein to your creativity.” – Gaelle Desmet

‘The Life’ will be on view at The Strand Gallery from 11-6pm each day of the week from 28th September to 4th October. For more information on the artist and her work please visit


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