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From African Realism to Contemporary Modernist Classics

In honour of Professor Ato Delaquis 

20th – 24th October 2015
Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am—18:00
Free Entry

Gwoktcho - Congolese Women (acrylics on canvas 76 x 115cm)

From African Realism is to Contemporary Modernist Classics is a celebration of artistic excellence, showing explosive and creative use of colour, excellent execution, deft control and charm. Professor Delaquis, the celebrated Ghanaian artist and a national treasure, has over 50 years’ experience; an amazing and dazzling artistic journey from being a teenage cartoonist for Drum, the pan-African magazine, to Dean of the College of Art, KNUST, Kumasi.

Delaquis - Table Top Bargains (Acrylics 111 x 136)

Professor Delaquis is renowned for creating detailed, colour-modulated panoramic scenes of everyday realities of urban life such as open markets, transport terminals and horse riders of the Sahel region.

On the heels of a recent retrospective of his earlier drawings (at the National Museum in Accra), this is the first major exhibition of this great artist in London. It’s not just a unique opportunity to see Professor Delaquis. The exhibition also features exciting works by Anne Blankson-Hemans, Stephen Gwoktcho and Bruce Chidovori.

Chidovori -Noir Gold (Acrylics 700 X 900)Chidovori -Self reflection - acrylic paper pastel ink charcoal on board of mirror 900 x 700)

Artists: Anne Blankson-Hemans creates figurative works in bold brassy colors and is equally adept at landscapes ; Stephen Gwoktcho is an outstanding contemporary and portrait artist with an unexpected and cheeky twist;             Bruce Chidovori (London based) delivers abstracted and subtle colour fields and creative lines to evoke emotions.

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The Guild of Erotic Artists

The Guild of Erotic Artists presents: “Temptation Rides Again!”
Sexy Art returns to London!
6th-11th October 2015
Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am—18:00
Sunday 11:00am-16:00


“Temptation Rides Again!” is the 3rd art exhibition in the Temptation Series featuring The Guild of Erotic Artists. It will opens again at The Strand Gallery, London on 6th October 2015 ending on 11th October 2015.

The human body is a sensual area whichever way it is depicted. Artists over the centuries have allowed their freedom of expression to portray the male and female body in a variety of styles. Everyone has an inner beauty and through art and photography this is brought to life.


“Temptation Rides Again!” depicts how art should be, showing the human body at its most beautiful; the artwork on show is designed to tempt you; a bit naughty but not smutty, artistic but not pornographic; A glimpse into the world of real figurative art.

The Guild of Erotic Artists is a world renowned organisation bringing the best portrayers of sensual, figurative art to the fore. Founded in 2002, it brought together established and emerging erotic artists together as one voice to promote freedom of expression. This exhibition brings together 34 of them with probably the largest display of figurative art in London this year.

Exhibiting Artists: Paul John Ballard, Winston Benn, Ruth Bircham, Louise Brown, John Clarke, EE Artistry, Chris Francis, Heather McCoy, Elsie McKeegan, Chuck Monroe, Richard Murrin, Eszter Nagy, Gerald Porter, Bryn Sutcliffe, D Thanaselvam, Barry W Tyler, Eric Wallis, Harry Weisburd, Alan Wright.

Exhibiting Photographers: Gregory Brown, Mike Brown, Mike Crawley, Harvey Gordon, Bill Hallett, Neil Huntingford, Toby Jackman, Ronnie Olson, RF Images, Ryan Smith, Steven G White, Jocelyn Woods

Exhibiting Sculptors: Len Gifford, Tony Meadows.

Private View is on Tuesday 6th October. 17:00 – 20:00
Registration for Private View:

(Nearest stations Charing Cross or Embankment)

Guild Enquiries: 07885 803422