From African Realism to Contemporary Modernist Classics

In honour of Professor Ato Delaquis 

20th – 24th October 2015
Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am—18:00
Free Entry

Gwoktcho - Congolese Women (acrylics on canvas 76 x 115cm)

From African Realism is to Contemporary Modernist Classics is a celebration of artistic excellence, showing explosive and creative use of colour, excellent execution, deft control and charm. Professor Delaquis, the celebrated Ghanaian artist and a national treasure, has over 50 years’ experience; an amazing and dazzling artistic journey from being a teenage cartoonist for Drum, the pan-African magazine, to Dean of the College of Art, KNUST, Kumasi.

Delaquis - Table Top Bargains (Acrylics 111 x 136)

Professor Delaquis is renowned for creating detailed, colour-modulated panoramic scenes of everyday realities of urban life such as open markets, transport terminals and horse riders of the Sahel region.

On the heels of a recent retrospective of his earlier drawings (at the National Museum in Accra), this is the first major exhibition of this great artist in London. It’s not just a unique opportunity to see Professor Delaquis. The exhibition also features exciting works by Anne Blankson-Hemans, Stephen Gwoktcho and Bruce Chidovori.

Chidovori -Noir Gold (Acrylics 700 X 900)Chidovori -Self reflection - acrylic paper pastel ink charcoal on board of mirror 900 x 700)

Artists: Anne Blankson-Hemans creates figurative works in bold brassy colors and is equally adept at landscapes ; Stephen Gwoktcho is an outstanding contemporary and portrait artist with an unexpected and cheeky twist;             Bruce Chidovori (London based) delivers abstracted and subtle colour fields and creative lines to evoke emotions.

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