The Violet Hour presents
: Brilliant Creatures

The Violet Hour presents: 
Brilliant Creatures

Tues 3rd – Fri 6th November 11am – 6pm
Sat 7th November 11am-4pm
Private View Tuesday 3rd November 6:00-8:30pm

The show’s title is taken from Yeats’ poem, The Wild Swans at Coole. Melancholic and pertinent to autumn, a season of dramatic natural change, the poem is a beautiful lament on our powerlessness to intervene in the passing of time and all that its entails. The artists on show in the forthcoming exhibition differ in the manner that they treat time as both a destructive – and constructive – process.

Catherine Leon’s
extrovert pieces, rhythmic with colour and light are so lyrical that they leave the viewer with a visceral sense of abandon. They speak a subconscious language of a longing to experience the elemental truths of Nature, form and Time.


2013 – 2015 BA, Fine Art (Painting)     Wimbledon College of Art
2011 – 2012 Diploma Foundation         Plymouth College of Art

Suzanne Moxhay’s works are a deliberate manipulation of scale, matter and time. Her frozen, filmic scenes are representative of a present that seems in itself artificial, eerie even. Nevertheless, they include visual references which root them in present events or versions of some kind of future.SUZANNE MOXHAY
2004–2007 – Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Art        Royal Academy Schools
2001–2004 – BA (hons) Fine Art         Chelsea College of Art

The ordered, geometric precision in Bronwen Sleigh’s architectural etchings and drawings belies the conflict the artist feels over the impact humanity has on its environment: on the one hand a marvel, yet nonetheless inevitably destructive.BRONWEN SLEIGH

2008 MA Fine Art, Printmaking         Royal College of Art
2002 BA Design (Illustration)         Glasgow School of Art

David Degreef-Mounier’s works encapsulate process, over all else. Held in a moment, fire catches in veins on the surface of raw wooden shapes, cut to precision, yet never uniform. Each new work he makes is a development on the last: his chief intention is the journey that links concept with result.DAVID DEGREEF-MOUNIER

Biddy Hodgkinson’s work celebrates the notion that the process of time is unstoppable, no matter what we are taught. Far from being a cause for alarm, Biddy’s abstraction reminds the viewer of the beauty in natural decay, through her use of various organic elements alongside paint on her canvases, as well as earth and mineral ores.


2008 – 2011 – BA Fine Art         Chelsea College of Art


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