Inscape by Emily Thornton

noun literary
noun: inscape; plural noun: inscapes
The unique inner nature of a place

Having left her nine to five job to return to painting, Emily Thornton’s first solo show INSCAPE sets out to create a visual sense of escapism through the depiction of anonymous physical and inner landscapes. She plays with the liberating concept that by viewing nameless yet individual landscapes, the viewer can begin to ascribe their own inner referent to what they physically see: the liberation of viewing the anonymous yet simultaneously familiar landscape.

Rainy Day 76cmx76cm
Emotionally drawn to coastal scenes, her work is concerned with capturing the sea’s ever-changing light, energy and atmosphere. Drawn to the stark juxtaposition between its routine tidal nature and its ephemeral temperament, she pushes her painted landscapes to the edge of abstraction. Central to Emily’s first body of work is her interest in how art can penetrate  individuals’ memory. Through viewing the painted landscapes, she wants the viewer to escape the present moment and delve into their own inner landscapes. The physical layering of her paint serves as a metaphor to the way mankind’s memory becomes obscured over time due to the repetitive nature of human life. Her work also explores the very sensation of painting itself, as an artist primarily engaging with the process of creating form, colour and composition.

Emily Thornton

“One single second, one single landscape, in which what happens activates and deactivates what has already happened in endless chain reactions…” Karl Ove Knausgård, ‘A Time for Everything’

The Strand Gallery:
32 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6BP
Opening Times:
Monday – Sunday: 11am – 6pm


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