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Daily Mail ‘Great British Wildlife Photography Challenge’

11th-16th April 2016  

The Strand Gallery: 32 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6BP

The Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine hosted its very own competition to celebrate amateur wildlife photographers across the UK. After last year’s success and floods of fantastic submissions, they decided to exhibit some of the lucky entries right here at The Strand Gallery in April.

The Strand judged by Bill Odie, Ellie Harrison, Ben Fogle, Philippa Forrester, Martin Hughes-Games, Simon Stafford, and Gray Levet. The aim of the competition was to provide a platform for wildlife photographers across the nation to commend and observe each other’s work, while enjoying the surrounding wildlife in the UK.

The competition was split into five categories – Mammals, Birds, Insects, Fish, Reptiles, Molluscs and Amphibians, plus a Juniors category for under-18s. Each of the five celebrity judges were assigned one. Immerse yourself in the stunning nature captured by some of Britain’s best amateur photographers and check out the winners for some of the categories:

Mammal Winner, Ketan Shah is a 55 retired shopkeeper from Northampton who was judged by Philippa Forrester. “This image is so arresting, none of us could resist it. The photographer has captured such a magical moment, such a moment of calm. We all agreed we’d have this hanging on a wall at home.” said Philippa.


In the Juniors category was Isabella Synek-Herd a 14-year-old from Seaton in Devon, who impressed the judges with this stunning jelly fish image.


Although most of us are not massive fans of Insects, we have to appreciate this shot by Trevor Davenport a 72-year-old from Liverpool, the winner or the insects category, is quite impressive.


“The markings are caught in microscopic detail, but it’s the forked tongue that makes the picture so striking.” said judge Ben Fogle about this snake image winner of the Reptiles category. Shot by 55-year-old Gary Cox a council groundsman in Cirencester.


Des Lloyd who came late to wildlife photography, only taking it up when he retired at the age of 60 won not only the Bird category prize but was the overall winner for the competition. Well done Des!


His winning shot was taken in the village of Walkerith, about a mile from where he lives on a September day around 7:30 at night. His fantastic image had the judges completely stunned. Bill Oddie, the judge, said ‘This is something very special. Look at the waves of the tree cascading down to the stump which almost echoes the underside of a big bird’s tail. The colours of the birds and the wood are as one. A worthy winner.’ This fantastic image shot by 63-year-old retired steelworks engineer, demonstrates the power and beauty of nature. It shows how clever nature is with its camouflaged tones and how impressive a photograph can be when you find the perfect composition, the right amount of everything, colour, subjects and so on.

British Wildlife is proof that you don’t have to travel miles to exotic locations like the Amazon Rainforest to look at a diverse range of fascinating creatures. These images by amateur photographers are evidence that without doubt we have the richest of sceneries right in our own back garden, any wild life enthusiast would agree!

The Strand Gallery was pleased and honoured to host the Daily Mails weekend magazine’s “Great British Wildlife Photography Challenge” exhibition. The show turned out to be a success and we hope to welcome them back in years to come, for more images, follow this link:



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