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July 18th-August 18th 2016

The Strand Gallery: 32 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6BP

Over the summer holidays The Strand Gallery was host to a unique exhibition: “State of the Art Cinema 2016”, where visitors could admire the new releases of movie posters, original film costumes and behind the scene photographs of film sets, in other words, they were in for a real treat.


From the busy opening night we knew we had a superb exhibition. Hosted by presenter Alex Zane, actress Kara Tointon and joined by film lovers alike. There is something for everyone, with an unseen look inside film sets, their costumes and eye catching poster designs. If you can’t make it down today let Alex Zane give you a peek inside with this wonderful tour.


The organiser’s behind this fantastic exhibition are the Film Distributors’ Association, which is the trade body for theatrical film distributors in the UK. The FDA works to increase and broaden the UK cinema audience across the board. This important institution has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, despite the surge of modern streaming services, it is still going strong. If you want to learn more take a look at their website.

Whilst the cinema and television industry have always been prominent in the UK economy, in recent years it has seen an exponential increase of importance on an international level. Companies such as Disney Studios (both the Marvel and the Star Wars branch) opting to shoot their multi-million franchises on the relatively small isle and British television shows snatching awards across the pond has booted the UK film industry. The demand for British actors is at an all-time high being seen as more versatile than their American counterparts. Suffice to say, that the most American character of them all, Superman, is played by a British born actor.


So why would you hold an exhibition which reveals exclusive material? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the impact movie posters have, in most cases they are the first introduction we have to a new release. A good poster brings in viewers; raises interest in the movie and can also gain a following (for example Pulp Fiction). Additionally they can also hold a special place in our hearts. From a young age most of us have had our bedroom walls covered in posters of our favourite movie or movie star. The same goes for movie props, fans of all ages hoard just to have the possibility to get a glimpse of memorabilia from their favourite movie either when it resurfaces or when it’s shown before a new release.


The exhibition is free and open to everyone; why not come down and immerse yourself in the world of film and television, see exclusive highlights of what the FDA have in store for our screens. There will be plenty of families having a blast on Wednesday afternoon when activities and games are set up to entertain the young ones during the holidays. Grab this opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon in company of your loved ones and get inspired!

Director Paul Feig  on the set of Columbia Pictures' GHOSTBUSTERS.

The Strand Gallery was pleased and honoured to host the Film Distributors’ Association ‘State of the Art Cinema 2016’ exhibition. The show turned out to be a great success and we hope to welcome them back for years to come.