COMING UP: Gaelle Desmet

From 28th September to 4th October, The Stand Gallery is proud to host the exhibition of French artist Gaelle Desmet entitled; ‘The Life’. This exhibition will display thirty of Gaelle’s works produced in 2013-14, Toulouse, which represent the artist’s emotions associated with waiting for a child in a very personal and intimate way. She expresses these feelings through geometric shape and colour and aims to produce within the viewer a similar emotional response. The central theme underlining each work featured in this exhibition is, quite simply, ‘life’.

Gaelle’s artistic interest originated at a young age when drawing in notebooks at school. Art represents freedom of expression for the artist, who graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Dunkirk where she studied art history as well as printmaking and drawing.


Particularly taken by the Cubist movement, Gaelle produced numerous landscape paintings incorporating geometric shapes and lines in an abstract fashion. In this specific exhibition, Gaelle has taken her inspiration from her experience during pregnancy and as a mother, with each painting bearing an emotion felt before and after the birth of her son. She tends to draw a lot of children’s paintings and works in connection to the theme of children in a more general sense, with influence from basic sketches and colouring books.


In the gallery space, the artist will further organise a children’s area in which tables will be placed at their own level in order for them to admire the works of art surrounding them. This feature works in conjunction with the added display of work from the artist’s own son, allowing child spectators to not only observe an artist’s work, but the art of another child too.

“Art is the freedom of making an emotion visible by giving free rein to your creativity.” – Gaelle Desmet

‘The Life’ will be on view at The Strand Gallery from 11-6pm each day of the week from 28th September to 4th October. For more information on the artist and her work please visit

COMING UP: Clive McDonnell

From 22nd-26th September, The Strand Gallery is proud to host the photographic exhibition of internationally renowned landscape architect and artist Clive McDonnell.

2014-02-26 00.26.19Image17Crop  2014-03-27 02.46.42

Clive has worked on a numerous major design projects throughout the UK, Europe, the Caribbean and even as far as Australia. Most notably, Clive contributed to the detailed planting design for Disneyland Paris’s main park as well as the River Torrens Linear Park in South Australia, of which he designed over 3 kilometers of space.

Image02a2014-03-20 22.15.22_Crop

Paired with his training in landscape design, Clive further retains a great interest in ecology and natural surroundings, which subsequently fuelled the subject matter of his work. The artist’s empathy with the environment is strongly evident in his photography on display in this unique exhibition, featuring landscapes from often remote and beautiful locations. These settings stem from Clive’s passion for fly fishing in Australia, where he travels every winter to capture these stunning photographic images.


Clive McDonnell’s photographic exhibition will be held at The Strand Gallery from 22nd-26th September 2015, 11-6pm daily – it’s definitely not one to miss.

COMING UP: Hilary James McLaren Tipping ‘The Great Experiment of Modern Art’

Opening to the public on 16th September at The Strand Gallery, Hilary Tipping ‘The Great Experiment of Modern Art’.

Hilary James McLaren Tipping was born in Dumfries, Scotland on the 8th January 1954, the grandson of the Scottish sculptor Robert Henderson.
He has been painting since the age of four when he threw a tantrum and demanded paper, paints and brushes. His first work was a self-portrait.
At 18 he went to Art School in Glasgow to study Fine Art. At Scotus Academy, Edinburgh, Richard De Marco tutored him in painting and drawing.

Ultimate Three
Hilary’s interest in painting developed towards abstract and he devoured the visual feast of Malevich, Klee, Delaunay, Whistler, Matisse, Man Ray, Monet, Pollock, Rothko, Kline, Newman and Picabia.

Hilary’s obsession in the plasticity of texture led him to conduct experiments in oil, paint layering and its viscosity. He uses the force of gravity to shape the flow of the drying canvass. He is much defined in his use of his texture and the structural surface and reaction of paint flow. Hilary is inspired through the actual act of the ‘doing’ of painting.

Quantum Universe Circus Hilary & Francis - A Brief Encounter

Hilary’s obsession in the plasticity of texture led him to conduct experiments in oil, paint layering and its viscosity. He uses the force of gravity to shape the flow of the drying canvass. He is much defined in his use of his texture and the structural surface and reaction of paint flow. Hilary is inspired through the actual act of the ‘doing’ of painting.

A Self Portrait, 2014‘My paintings are instinctive and do not follow line or form but colour. Television and music videos have been central to my life and I employ the same tactics to assimilate and edit my demons. We see inside the head, in the mind, not with our eyes. Our sight is based on light and the images we see are encased and wrapped in our preconceptions. My life has been chaotic and fun; my shorthand instilled in my art represents feelings not figurative representations. This therapy cleanses the mind and clears out the daily intrusions that fill our brains. I unwrap the human psyche.”

First MovementAbstract Progression Movement Two

“Memories are inspiring and the subconscious mind has the controlling hand. The energy of my works is straight from the baggage of life and its turmoil. Abstract expressionism is often misunderstood; my paintings are created and formed by the hidden past revealed drop by drop. You will find meaning in my art by looking at it and not by wondering what it might be about or what it is. It is there inside you, just look.”


Ballet ManTorso

Hilary’s other influences are film, television and the music video. His interest in these subjects led him to establish a career in the visual arts. He has worked as a producer on music videos with: Grace Jones, Adam Ant, Elton John, Sex Pistols, The Cure, Police, Rod Stewart, Japan, Ozzy Osbourne, Bonnie Tyler, New Order, Average White Band, Olivia Newton John, Charles Aznavour, John Waite, Leo Sayer, Marc Bolan, Hot Chocolate, The Supremes, Air Supply, Billy Ocean, Queen and many others.

On the night of September 13th 1980 on board the party boat the SS Peking, New York, Hilary saw Andy Warhol. Hilary introduced himself and blurted out he had always wanted to meet him. Andy replied “…and I’ve always wanted to meet you…Hilary.”


‘The Great Experiment of Modern Art’ will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 16th-20th September 2015, 11am – 6pm. More work can be seen at

All Images © Hilary James McLaren Tipping.

SPOTLIGHT: Pathy Tshindele

Born and still currently residing in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pathy Tshindele is a contemporary artist who is becoming ever more recognized in the art world. Featuring in the 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair this year, his work combines several media platforms in an unconventional manner. He aims to challenge the oppression of race, gender and nationality through his work, with a particular attentiveness to the native Kin language, rendering his work easily comprehensible for all. In particular, Tshindele employs symbolism and expression with bright, vivid colors and basic forms.

Following from his strong views on cultural discrimination, Tshindele formed the ‘Kinshasa Wenze Wenze’ in 2003, an artistic event which transformed neglected, dilapidated cars from the city into sculptural pieces of work. Through the artist’s creative freedom this project underlined the constant difficulties of the inhabitants within the decaying city in which they were confined. The emotion and energy of the images are heightened by the artist’s expressive use of vivid colors and bold blocking of form.

To find out more about the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair and the artists involved, including Pathy Tshindele, please visit

All Images © Pathy Tshindele.

SPOTLIGHT: Fabrice Monteiro

Exhibiting  in the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair later this year, the photography of Fabrice Monterio expresses his attachment to his homeland of Africa, as well as a keen interest in photojournalism and fashion. Living and working in Dakar, Senegal, Monteiro was originally educated as an industrial engineer but discovered a passion for portrait art and the sensitivity it produced in photographic form.

His unique style evident in each distinctive photograph illustrates his cultural pride and love of his native people. Travelling the world further inspired Monteiro, witnessing the poverty and injustice prevalent in humanity. Through his experiences, the artist presents to us an enchanting depiction of strong characters, advancing from their disadvantaged position.

Focusing on humankind, history and cultural traditions, Monteiro produced a series of works centering on the apparatus of slavery entitled ‘Brown Runaway Fugitive Slaves’. These images display strong contrasts of light and dark with his isolated figures bound in chains, ultimately producing highly sensitive and intense interpretations of African history. The artist’s ability to incite intensity within these works compels the viewer to emotionally connect to the individuals within the images and relate to their subjection, inevitably placing us within the scene.

Visit find out more about Fabrice Monteiro and his work.

All Images © Fabrice Monteiro.

SPOTLIGHT: Nkechi Ebubedike

Born in 1984, Nkechi Ebubedike is a Nigerian American artist working with painting, sculpture installation, photography and mixed media techniques. She incorporates found objects in her work as well as distorting original photographs and video footage, concentrating on her own experiences in an urban and suburban environment and travelling for much of her life.

Bright Boys 3

Describing her relation to Nigeria, Ebubedike notes how her experience living there at a young age stimulated her interest in the culture and ways in which she could express this through her work. Now residing in Washington and London, the artist combines her encounters in contrasting civilizations and blend of cultures.

Bright Boys (Untitled #3), 2015

Her 2011 collection of work entitled ‘Bright Boys’ consists of altered digital images with contemporary urban forms and a mix of bright, vibrant colors. Each image centers on cultural representations of African/American males, manipulating the way in which they are perceived by the hallucinogenic display of space and distorted identity. Each work displaces the viewer momentarily, inviting them to examine the subject and the subliminal messages veiled in the aesthetics.

The Quiet Light Within
Quiet Light

In 2014, Ebubedike received public acclaim for her video montage entitled ‘The Quiet Light Within’, selected for the Juror’s prize for the National Art Competition. In this piece, the artist explores the relationship between power and the environment and how this affects our well-being as well as our perception of the world. It further examines the distribution of power and accessibility in other less developed areas, highlighting the resourcefulness and creativity necessary when ‘power’ is not easily established.

To find out more information about Nkechi Ebubedike and her work, please visit

COMING UP: Infinite Human – Crossing Boundaries Beyond the Figure

poster-highresA group show curated by Liliana Gallagher, ‘Infinite Human’ takes the viewer on a journey exploring the human figure, from traditional representational works, expressionist and abstract paintings, through to the contemporary and conceptual pieces.

The human figure provides artists with infinite inspiration, and is as relevant in today’s post-digital contemporary art as it was to our pre-historic ancestors. Eleven artists brought together each explore their own visual language in relation to the human figure, in this diverse show comprising of both established and emerging artists.

‘Infinite Human: Crossing Boundaries Beyond the Figure’ will show at The Strand Gallery from 7th – 11th July, 11am – 6pm.

For more information please visit:

Exhibiting Artists:

Francis De Vivo, Masoomeh Faraji , Greg Finn

Liliana Gallagher, Stephen Gregson, Tanya Hooker

Mary Law, Crystal Lonsdale, Eve Pettitt

Mita Solanky, Simon Yates

All Images © Of Artists.

SPOTLIGHT: Jacob Perlmutter

Jacob Perlmutter began his career as a photographer and freelanced from a young age, working for NME, XL Recordings and Vice Magazine. He went on to shoot major photoessay projects such as ’88 Days’, which was a homage to Robert Frank 50 years after ‘The Americans’ were first published and since has gone on to create other photographic bodies such as ‘Sweet India’ and ‘Meanwhile in Rio’.

jacob perlmutter

As well as focussing on his photography career, he also has a debut album ‘Meanwhile, In Rio’ which was recorded in 2014 and is a filmmaker, having won international awards for several of his short films.

jacob perlmutter rio

For Perlmutter, Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand are his main inspiration due to the ‘powerful, yet effortless way’ they capture humanity, which can be seen through his traditional and raw style of documentary photography.

88 days perlmutter

For more information on his work please visit his website here .

Laura Linck: Never Before Seen ‘Behind the Scene’ Photographs Revealed

BEHIND THE SCENE - Exhibition Poster A0

Opening to the public on 23rd June is ‘Behind the Scene’ by photographer and filmmaker Laura Linck. These photographs reveal theatre actors, directors and writers behind the scenes over time and will be unveiled for the first time in this exhibition.

Linck presents never before seen photographs of Dame Judi Dench, Ben Wishaw, Sir David Hare, Eve Best, Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley, Sir Richard Eyre, Tom Hollander and many others.

Born and brought up in France, Linck has always had a love and passion for film and theatre. In this first exhibition, she offers a glimpse of the unseen in the film and theatre world. The series began when Linck worked as an usher at the Old Vic Theatre, observing the actors at work every day. She discovered this hidden world and decided to document it.

‘Behind the Scene’ brings together work from this body of work as well as a number of photographs produced as momentos of some of the greatest film and theatre artists of today.

Raising money towards Mental Health Research, this charity is the first in the UK dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illness, causes and cures.

Behind the Scene will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 23rd – 28th June, 11am – 6pm.

Now Showing: Wiltshire College Salisbury Degree Show


Now Showing at The Strand Gallery, is Wiltshire College Salisbury’s Photography degree show and professional alumni exhibition. The exhibition showcases the works of third year photography students who have recently completed their degree in BA (Hons) Photography, alongside leading alumni.

Wiltshire College is one of the leading provincial centres of education for professional photography in the UK. Based on over 50-years’ experience in educating photographers and film makers, the course at Salisbury maintains a tradition of being highly vocational whilst offering a well-considered blend of practical assignments and academic study. It ensures a balance between technical mastery, personal experimentation and creative development, giving the best possible basis for a successful career.

This exhibition will be showcasing a diverse range of works and emerging talents and offers a glimpse into the variety of skills taught and developed at the college.

After a successful degree show last year, Salisbury is excited to be exhibiting at The Strand Gallery again this year from Tuesday 16th June-Saturday 20th June, 11am-6pm.