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SPOTLIGHT: Fabrice Monteiro

Exhibiting  in the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair later this year, the photography of Fabrice Monterio expresses his attachment to his homeland of Africa, as well as a keen interest in photojournalism and fashion. Living and working in Dakar, Senegal, Monteiro was originally educated as an industrial engineer but discovered a passion for portrait art and the sensitivity it produced in photographic form.

His unique style evident in each distinctive photograph illustrates his cultural pride and love of his native people. Travelling the world further inspired Monteiro, witnessing the poverty and injustice prevalent in humanity. Through his experiences, the artist presents to us an enchanting depiction of strong characters, advancing from their disadvantaged position.

Focusing on humankind, history and cultural traditions, Monteiro produced a series of works centering on the apparatus of slavery entitled ‘Brown Runaway Fugitive Slaves’. These images display strong contrasts of light and dark with his isolated figures bound in chains, ultimately producing highly sensitive and intense interpretations of African history. The artist’s ability to incite intensity within these works compels the viewer to emotionally connect to the individuals within the images and relate to their subjection, inevitably placing us within the scene.

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All Images © Fabrice Monteiro.