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COMING UP: Shiri Achu

We are delighted to share with you all our next exhibition here at The Strand Gallery. We are bringing you a series of gorgeous African paintings by the wonderfully talented Shiri Achu in her London Exhibition ’35 in Prints’ at The Strand Gallery. Achu was born in Cameroon, West Africa until she and her family immigrated to London, where she has lived for many years. Today, she has studios in Cameroon, the UK and the US.

Maasai tone

She picked up her first paint brush at a tender age of 9, experimenting with several mediums including oils, acrylics, water colour, mix media etc. Achu’s art comes from everyday, unsurprising yet unexpectedly vivid moments, times, places and objects. She seeks to capture the spirit of her subjects and make them come alive through form, colour, texture and tone. She draws insight from her travels but in general her inspiration is very broad; from natural moments captured in Africa to still objects, from the human form to the human in action.

Allon au marche

The eternal optimist, Shiri sees beauty in almost anything and everything. She finds beauty where there is normalcy, and she sees colour through shades of grey. She therefore draws from this distinctively beautiful world of hers and aims to evoke an emotion, translating into images of delight or surprise, with the sole objective of capturing the soul of the subject.

Distant butterfly

Composition and subject matter are key in Shiri’s works. The concept for each piece is clear, and the focus gripping, and although the viewer will understand some of the pieces, some may not be understood and apprehended, because abstract/tashism is explored by Shiri in some of her pieces, to leave her viewers to come to their own conclusions. Shiri’s art is bold, dramatic and uncompromising. Her pieces aim to delight and leave the viewer moved as well as leave the viewer with thoughts of wonderment, at times of bewilderment; also to engage ones diagnostic imagination.

Ever increasingly so, one of the aims of Shiri Achu’s Art is to showcase the culture of Cameroon and other African countries worldwide. It’s also to bring back the fond memories to those in the diaspora. There is a beautiful simplicity in the African culture she is trying to project into the Western world. She paints them to educate people in the West whilst trying to entice them to be inquisitive of the culture and to one day plan to visit and see for themselves.

Midnight tradition

All images © Shiri Achu.

Achu’s works can be seen in the exhibition 35 in Print at The Strand Gallery from April 19th to April 25th.


COMING UP: Herstories

We are delighted to announce our new exhibition ‘Herstories’, an art exhibition of oral history. The exhibition will take place from 26th – 29th March at The Strand Gallery.


In our society women’s voices are often lost and unrecorded, particularly those of ordinary citizens. Therefore curator and founder, Radhika  Hettiarachchi came up with the idea to record histories, experiences and hopes of different families from a mother’s point of view. Mothers are often known to be the guardian of a family and therefore Radhika wanted to collect stories of mothers from the south, east and north of Sri Lanka.

With their collection being divided into hand written letters, photo essays, short videos, collective timelines and memory mapping, each of them tells us a extraordinary story of ordinary mothers living through such a difficult time.


With herstories, the project expects to raise awareness among people who may not have otherwise known about the hardships different mothers have gone through in their lives. Many mothers in Sri Lanka may have lost their husbands and children in the war, and some still live with death, displacement and disability.

As many people might think that women like these don’t want to talk about their lives and what they have been through, Radhika found that they were surprisingly eager to talk to and had generous memories  of the whole family.


Radhika stated that, “These women really wanted to leave something of themselves behind for the future and the idea that their words were going to be somewhere forever, was wonderful for them.”  The idea of herstories is not only to showcase a shared history but also to show how Sri Lankan’s are rooted in multiple identities.


Up until now, the collection of herstories was only presented through a travelling exhibition in Ampara, Colombo and Galle in 2013. Therefore we are very delighted to host their first show in Europe which will showcase 60 pieces from the full 270 strong herstories collection.  However their entire collection will be archived online on their website.

The exhibition can be seen at The Strand Gallery from March 26th to March 30th, 11am t 7pm.


We are very excited to announce our next exhibition, the debut miNiATURE Garden show, an exciting new event for the world of garden design!  Running from 6th – 8th March at The Strand Gallery.


Thanks to the evolution of 3D printing, leading garden designers and landscape architects have been able to create their unique gardens in miniature 3D format, giving them innovation and practicality in their designs. These ‘mini’ gardens show the brightest ideas of today’s landscape architects, allowing a larger accessibility for all garden lovers.

Sarah Eberle, Adam Frost and Jo Thompson, three of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Best in Show’ winners, are among the 10 leading garden designers, you will be guaranteed a magical experience about gardens which are made entirely through 3D printing. Having London College of Garden Design and Hobs3D as their main sponsors, there will be live 3D printing in one of our gallery rooms to demonstrate the concept of 3D printing.


The show is beautifully curated by Andrew Fisher Tomlin and Tom Harfleet, along with landscape designer Kajsa Björne. The team previously worked together in Australia, where they discovered their mutual interest in the power of gardens. All three have worked internationally across a wide range of projects. The show is free and open to everyone who is interested to see how 3D printing takes over and how such small, high-quality, detailed 3D models have a big meaning in the world of art and design.

miNiATURE gives a group of leading UK and International designers a chance to design completely new ideas in gardens and landscapes, introducing 3D printing to landscape design and the public with the world’s first model garden show.


The concept behind miNiATURE is to create a platform where designers truly have the ability to create unique and ambitious gardens, even if they are in miniature. Currently show gardens provide a platform to engage people with new design but often these can end up as safe and self-limiting due to budget and in order to win a medal. miNiATURE aims to change this by giving designers an outlet to explore creative designs at low cost through modelling. Up until recently this took place ‘on screen’ and a physical model could take time and expense but now with the advent of 3D printing we have the ability to produce high quality, detailed and accurate 3D models to communicate ideas and engage directly with clients.


All images © miNiATURE Design.

miNiATURE Design can be seen at The Strand Gallery from 6th – 8th March.

Further examples of the company’s work can be seen here.

COMING UP: Arnis Purple

We are thrilled to announce ARNIS PURPLE’s first London illustration and photography exhibition at The Strand Gallery, running from the 21st until the 23rd of February.

Henri's St.Paul's

The exhibition, entitled “Re-Imagining London”, will explore the image and branding of the Capital. Yet there is a twist! Featuring a total of 10 artists, the collection presented to the audience shall range from photographs by Samuel T. Hart to illustrations designed by Gemma Latimer. Our artists have been set loose, asked to explore the cityscape with one caution- no pictures of shiny red buses please!


We thus welcome everyone to come and question his or her own perception of the conurbation with fellow politicians, academics and other creatives. Once launched, the exhibition will move to the Far East, where it shall promote the various facets of London to the people of Seoul.

Jun's map of london

Working along the idea of exclusivity, every ARNIS PURPLE product comes not only in limited sets, but also with a limited time frame. Our shows do not last more than a weekend, and it is the only time for our audiences to see the works in person.

ARNIS PRUPLE is therefore more than an online platform — it is a revolutionary, global stage, that promotes young and talented individuals both throughout the UNITED KINGDOM AND WORLDWIDE.

victorian queen final 2

COMING UP: ‘Harmony’ by Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter

The Strand Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition ‘Harmony’ by artists Denise Hamilton and Nuray Yigiter. Their paintings combine a variety of thematic and material elements while capturing the moment in pattern of colours that betray emotion, memory and most importantly a sensation of harmony.


© Denise Hamilton

Denise Hamilton’s works are inspired by nature, movement and light and focus on the detail of an instant in time. This makes her paintings products of a long period of hard work and improvisation in order to imprison a moment that accentuates the atmosphere that envelopes it rather than the actual reality that is represented.


© Nuray Yigiter

Nuray Yigiter’s works find their inspiration in motion and the human body. Her experiences are what make her the artist that she is and are the dominant theme of her paintings. Her expressive colours fabricate her ethereal silhouettes onto the canvas in a way that connect their forms to their surroundings. Both painters’ brushstrokes give a feeling of motion and abstraction making the works up to some level conceptual and non representational.

You can visit Denise Hamilton‘s and Nuray Yigiter‘s websites for more information.

Their exhibition ‘Harmony’ will be on display at the Strand Gallery from the 11th -24th of November.


Tuesday is a very exciting day for the team at the gallery as it brings our latest exhibition, The Writing is on the Wall, by Horace Panter in association with the international writing brand Sheaffer. We wanted to find out a little more from Horace about his relationship with the arts and how he came about working with this iconic brand. Here’s what the man himself had to say…

“The idea of working alongside Sheaffer was very challenging; a few comfort zones had to be left behind so that’s no bad thing right from the off. I like a challenge.

‘Writing and Art’ had memories of time spent at Coventry’s Lanchester Polytechnic doing my degree course, being harangued by young exponents of Art Language – suit-wearing young revolutionaries carrying portable typewriters, constantly hectoring us into labyrinthine debates about the relevance of object making and vigorously proselytising conceptualism rather than ‘traditional’ art practice. Time, luckily, heals!

Horace Panter

Horace Panter

Writing, however, is a term used in two kinds of very different art, Iconography and Graffiti. Both are ‘written’ rather than painted, which is contrary to what is expected. I like contrary. Much of my own work is based on a contemporary interpretation of the traditional icon. To link the act of writing, and its artefacts, to painting was therefore an interesting brief. I was immediately drawn to the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: “The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on”. My initial thought was to include that in the painting, as introducing text into the painting was to be one of my core criteria.

Images of people in the act of writing were also considered, for example, the use of a pen in the signing of peace treaties, the use of a pen to officially end a conflict, the pen as artefact, the cultural history of the pen itself in its role in the development of language, communication and story-telling. Allying this to my interest in traditional iconography was only a short step.

Whilst on a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago I was struck by a series of triptychs and thought this would be a good format with which to construct my painting so that became the starting point. I set to work on the preliminary sketches in my hotel room whilst on tour in the USA with The Specials in February 2013. The two side-panels were relatively easy in terms of ideas and the central panel became a mixture of religious symbols; the hands and the Mandala-type motifs venerating the artefact and the act of writing. It was only after completing these stages and living with it for a while that I decided to include actual text.

I have used artist’s and art critic’s writing about art.  I now have a painting about writing about painting. There are quotes dating back to the ancient Greeks as well as quotes from contemporary artists such as Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.

The finished piece is a mixture of paint, collage and ink; the pens used are from the Sheaffer caligraphy range with home-made recipe of inks and thinned acrylic paint!”

Horace Panter
November 2013

The Writing is on the Wall opens on Tuesday 5th November and will be open to the public until the 10th. Don’t miss it!

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COMING UP: The 25th Annual Exhibition by the London Independent Photography

Flyer 2

As autumn sets in, the Strand Gallery is proud to present the late October exhibition: the 25th Annual Exhibition by the London Independent Photography.

Returning to The Strand Gallery for their milestone event, the LIP is a large organisation of more than 600 members that brings together both professional and amateur photographers. The London Independent Photography holds frequent group activities, such as workshops, classes and talks as well as issuing a photography magazine that is published three times a year, featuring inspiring work by the LIP members.

The display will showcase more than 100 images selected by Francis Hodgson, Colin Pantall and Roelof Bakker and combines 65 artists with a variety of technical and thematic interests. It is an exhibition not to be missed by art lovers that are interested in contemporary photography.

The 25th Annual Exhibition by the London Independent Photography is the fourth exhibition run in conjunction with The Strand Gallery, and will be on display from October 22nd to November 3rd.

If you are interested in finding out more about the LIP, visit their website and don’t forget to check out our upcoming updates on the exhibition.

PREVIEW: “The Writing is on the Wall” by Horace Panter

Horace Panter - Detail

Horace Panter – Detail

The Strand Gallery is excited to welcome back Horace Panter for the upcoming November exhibition: “The Writing is on the Wall”  sponsored by Sheaffer, who in conjunction are celebrating their 100th Anniversary. Horace Panter’s first public exhibition was held at the Strand Gallery in the winter of 2011 and was followed by two years of successful group and solo displays in the UK and Singapore.

Horace Panter was born in Surrey in 1953 and studied Fine Art at the Coventry’s Lanchester Polytechnic in 1975. He is widely known as the bassist of the world renowned band The Specials and throughout his career as a musician has toured all over the world. During his travels he had the opportunity to visit many of his favorite museums and art galleries, collecting art books and photographs that later on became his source of inspiration for most of his work.

“The Writing is on the Wall”, is mostly inspired by his time studying at Art School. In this exhibition Horace Panter explores the relationship of painting and writing, combining ink as well as paint and collage. By introducing writing to his paintings, Panter aims to explore themes of contemporary iconography in relation to traditional ideas.

“The Writing is on the Wall” by Horace Panter will be open to the public at The Strand Gallery from 5th-11th November. Stay tuned for more information.

Further examples of Horace’s work can be seen here.


We are proud to announce that the fourth annual exhibition by the Gay Photographers Network is returning to the Strand Gallery later this month. ‘Gayzed’ brings together both amateur and professional photographers and follows last year’s success, an exhibition that attracted almost 2000 viewers and from which was raised more than £1800 for Charities River House Trust and The Disabled Photographer’s Society.

BVlCgQSIYAAn9g6.jpg large

The GPN is a growing society, with more than 900 members, in which emerging photographic talents are acknowledged within the gay community. GPN has previously collaborated with the Foyles Bookstore presenting ‘Beyond Words’, an exhibition which was part of the Pride Arts festival. Apart from exhibiting their work, the Gay Photographers Network holds other activities like workshops and photo talks, where photographers share their photographic experiences and ideas in a friendly environment.

‘Gayzed’ will be on display at the Strand Gallery from 15th-20th October 2013.

To find out more about the GPN, visit their website here.

COMING UP: ‘Temptation’ by the Guild of the Erotic Artists

The Strand Gallery is pleased to announce its next exhibition: “Temptation” by the world renown organisation Guild of Erotic Artists. Using a variety of styles and materials to explore the sensual elements of the human body, their artworks promote freedom of expression in erotic art.

Presenting the works of 35 emerging erotic artists, this exhibition is probably the largest display of sensual and figurative art in London for years. “Temptation” by the Guild of Erotic Artists will be open to the public from the 1st– 13th of October.

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