Previous Exhibitions

Four Fingers and a Thumb
A Collaborative Exhibition Curated by Dimension Design

9th September – 13th September 2017

The title, Four Fingers and a Thumb, lightly embraces the work of four Fine Artists and one Designer.

‘In nature light creates colour, but in painting colour creates light.’
 – Hans Hoffman


The show features work by:
Vicky Hawkins
Jemma Appleby
Alison Rylands
Ed Winters

Hawkins’ work is constructed by layered coloured paper cut-outs to create jazzy, vibrant abstracts. Rylands’ rich, colourful compositions feature texture to such a degree they verge on becoming sculptural. Appleby uses large-scale, pristinely controlled areas of charcoal to suggest architectural spaces. Winters’ use of photomontage, narratives and composition create striking two dimensional works.

The space which inhabits the artwork in this exhibition is as important as the work itself. The show features bespoke lighting designed by the exhibition’s curator Paul Appleby.

Each artist gives the show a personal touch all by celebrating the fun of life. And why not?

Poems 4 Oceans
A group of young London artists present their work in response to the beauty and plight of the oceans; through the use of poetry, moving image and photography

2nd September – 3rd September 2017

Poems For Oceans

Each of the audio-visual poems, which will be projected onto three large screens that will take over the entire gallery space, have been recorded by the poets and special guests, including the British actor and poet, Nicholas Pinnock, who is starring with Anna Friel in ITV1 drama, Marcella.

Simon Reeve, author, presenter, and conservationist who is also supporting the project, said: “POEMS4OCEANS uses creative storytelling to explore the mystery, beauty and life support of our oceans, transporting us to this magical realm, and gently reminding us how precious and threatened it is.”
POEMS4OCEANS is presented by YOUYOU Mentoring, a London based initiative which offers free mentorships to develop the next generation of creative talent. The scheme teamed young, emerging poets with the British award-winning film composer, Sacha Puttnam, and leading international visual artists, including National Portrait Gallery photographer and filmmaker, Venetia Dearden, underwater photographer, Jem Cresswell, and Mexican poet and artist, Alexandra Duran.

Inspired by the visual artists who work with oceans and marine life, and by the music scored by Sacha Puttnam, the poets have produced work on a variety of themes, from pollution and humpback whales to the women sea divers of Korea, and travels around the British coastline. Poppy Turner, an award-winning poet and beneficiary of the YOUYOU Mentoring scheme, focused her poem, We Are The Oceans, on the vital issue of combating plastic pollution in the ocean.
She said “POEMS4OCEANS is a platform that is using poetry creatively. Writing poems is like painting a picture, we are using words to bring stories of the ocean alive.”.

POEMS4OCEANS will also be screening We Are The Marine Conservation Society, a short film narrated by Simon Reeve.

For more information, to arrange an interview, film, request promotional images or a press invitation for the private view, please contact or phone 07903 816192.

Now, Where are We?
29th June – 9th July 2017

Where Are We Now

AndroTechne is a group of emerging artists who will present an exhibition in central London this summer to reflect upon the UK’s social history, as part of commemorative events to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of relationships between men.

Curated by international artist Michael Petry, “Now, where are we?” opens at the Strand Gallery on 27 June, and will feature works in a range of media, artists’ talks, discussions, and events.

AndroTechne are creating new work for the show and have invited a small group of fellow artists to submit ‘challenging, surprising, and not previously exhibited’ work to illustrate their own responses to the question posed by the exhibition’s title. As well as examining the artists’ personal experiences of the decades following the Wolfenden Report, the exhibition strives to encourage cultural reflection.

Talks Event – Friday 30th June 2017, from 18:30 to 21.00, featuring presentations by and discussions with Jonathan Cooper OBE, Professor Richard Sawdon Smith, Sunil Gupta, Santiago Echeverry. Check website for latest event news and press information. Images for digital and print use will be available shortly on

Pébéo’s Mixed Media Exhibition, in Partnership with Cass Art
20th June – 25th June 2017


Pébéo is hosting its second Mixed Media Exhibition in partnership with Cass Art, artists have been invited to submit work created with products from the Pébéo Mixed Media range for consideration for the exhibition. Exhibiting artists can offer their work for sale, without any deduction of commission.

Pébéo has a history of supporting artists and so giving emerging artists the opportunity to show and sell their work via the vehicle of an art prize and exhibition was a natural step. The contest began in 2016 with the first Pébéo Mixed Media Art Prize and Exhibition, all artists were invited to submit, the sole criterion was the use of Pebeo Mixed Media products to create the works.

The first exhibition was an enormous success with 46 works being shown which displayed a very wide range of mixed media styles, all the winning artists were invited to a private view.

Determined to make it bigger and better, this year Pebeo has a Curator in charge of presentation, staging and narration and selection of the works and an international jury to select the winners of the prizes.

The exhibition will take place at the renowned The Strand Gallery, in Central London from the 20th – 24th of June 2017. Additionally there will be 3 prizes for the best of the best: £500, £250 and £100 in Cass Art vouchers.

End of Year Photography Exhibition, Bournemouth University
14th May – 18th May 2017


Students from Bournemouth University studying on the BA (Hons) Photography programme are proud to present their ‘end of year show’.

This group of talented photography students have created a varied and exciting exhibition of work. All the photographs are in response to individual concepts and ideas, which include portraits and still life. The exhibition includes contemporary work using digital capture and experiments with traditional photographic processes.

Images will be available for sale during the show. The exhibitor will offer prices and sales details during the show.

Behind Closed Doors
26th May – 28th May 2017


Behind Closed Doors is an exhibition designed to raise awareness of animal exploitation and its consequences.

Its title refers to the way our mistreatment of animals is hidden from the general public – most of us have little idea what happens to animals behind the doors of factory farms, slaughterhouses and vivisection labs. The exhibition seeks to bring these issues into the light through video, installation, painting and other creative mediums.

For this reason, the Behind Closed Doors exhibition will be a form of activism. Vegan artists like Dana Ellyn and Sue Coe will be exhibiting their work, whilst YouTubers Earthling Ed and Vegan Geezer are among those giving talks.

The exhibition will take place at the Strand Gallery in London. It will be open from the 26th to the 28th of May, with an open event day on the 27th. On this day, there will be a variety of talks and performances, along with workshops to get involved in. 

Unit Seven
20th May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.29.59.png

Unit seven is an eclectic, collaborative exhibition curated by and showcasing the work of Ravensbourne Art & Design FE students. This show will feature the work of ten talented up-and-coming young artists and designers spanning multiple practices and media. This exhibition shows a vibrant mixture of performance, sculpture, installation, photography, garments, and much more.

The Annual Wildlife Exhibition
26th May – 28th May 2017


Weekend Magazine’s Annual Wildlife Photography Contest showcases the finest entries of the year. Photographs submitted from Britain’s amateur photographers were judged and categorised, captivating a vast span of wildlife, from mountain hares in the Cairngorms to stags in Glencoe.

Istanbul Meets London
30th April – 5th May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 14.01.36

Istanbul Meets London; a collective exhibition featuring seven famous Turkish artists, presents a variety of paintings by  Aysegul Coles, Renk Erbil, Savas Simitli, Suat Cetinkaya Orgun and Ufuk Uyanik, photographs by Erdal Turkoglu and Veyis Polat and jewelery by Suat Cetinkaya Orgun.

The exhibition was organised by fashion and art consultant Zeynep Ober in collaboration with Art consultant Gulce Ilken and Event Manager Devrim Karabulut, presenting a glimpse of contemporary eastern culture at the heart of a western one.


Our calendar is filling up for 2017. If you are interested in putting on an exhibition, please contact to request a prospectus.