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The Strand Gallery Review of 2012

2012 has been an eventful year all round with the London Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The Strand Gallery has welcomed many exciting collaborations producing a highly varied schedule of shows, so as another successful year draws to a close it only seemed right to review the year with some of our favourite exhibitions.

This year we’ve had some knockout exhibitions. The gallery was flooded in darkness for Peter DiCampo’s conceptual project Life Without Lights, an exhibition in conjunction with the Ashden Awards. Visitors were given solar powered torches to illuminate his photographs in a unique way, whilst raising awarness for renewable energies and the role they play in Northern Ghana.

Two of our favourite collectives London Independent Photography and the Gay Photographers Network returned to Strand for their annual exhibitions and we joined forces with 3is3 Identity Collective for their Strand Gallery debut exhibition Ubiquitous Grounds.

It’s been tough to narrow down our list but without further a do, here are our five of our most memorable exhibitions from the year past…

5.   Wanderlust by Rohit Chawla.
In July, we welcomed the striking shots of high fashion photographer Rohit Chawla in association with NuGa Arthouse. Wanderlust allowed Chawla to take his skills from working at fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar in a different direction through capturing the Rabari tribe from Gujarat. These large scale photographs showed the beautiful detail of their dress with an added intensity through the direct stare of his subjects at the camera lens. Read more about the exhibition in the Independent newspaper feature and our exclusive Q&A with Rohit.

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4.  Skills, Smells and Spells by Toby Deveson.
Travel photographer Toby Deveson brought the joys of the humble darkroom to The Strand Gallery in an exhibition of distinctive black and white shots. Deveson’s show chronicled his travels and 22 year career whilst celebrating the power and atmosphere of analogue photography. This beautiful exhibition of hand printed photographs was part was the celebratory outcome to a crowd funding campaign proving that film’s not dead.


3.  She-Bop-A-Lula curated by Dede Millar
All our stars alligned in this epic exhibition in aid of Breakthrough breast cancer in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Female icons of music world were captured on film by female photographers in this incredible show, uniting iconic figures of the past including Debbie Harry and Ella Fitzgerald as well as contemporary stars like Amy Winehouse and Florence Welch, appealing to the inner feminist in us all! Read more about She Bop in the Guardian.

She-Bop-A-Lula - Women in Pop photo exhibition - Debbie Harry
With consumerism and pop art as his inspiration, Blanchard’s show consisted of colourful and lively paintings and collages. This exhibition truly captured Blanchard’s witty personality and with it brought a whole host of celebrity types and press buzz to The Strand Gallery. Read more about the exhibition via It’s Nice That and a Q&A with Dazed Digital.

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1. Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan
Horrors frontman Faris Badwan switched his focus from the stage to the sketchbook with an exhibition of his stunningly individual ink and watercolour pieces. His work took you on a journey through the processes of his unique creative vision and beyond. More about this show in the Independent and a Q&A in Dazed Digital.


So there we go 2012 done and dusted. We look forward to the coming year and some brand new equally exciting shows. Merry Christmas and see you back at The Strand Gallery in 2013!


Dazed Digital interview Faris on Creatures in Colour

Read the article here

OWN THE ARTWORK: Creatures in Colour by FARIS BADWAN

Creations in Colour : Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan; the current exhibition at The Strand Gallery, gives an alternative insight into the creative mind of Faris Badwan. Now in its final week, this is the last chance to buy an original piece of art from the Horrors frontman.

Faris comments on his approach to art:
“What I want to get across is how much of a part of my life drawing always has been. It invades all of my daily routine, be it in the shredded form of masking tape stuck to my walls, line-drawings on restaurant napkins or supermarket receipts, to the sketchbooks I carry with me. It really is the one constant solid thing in my life – a stream which runs regardless of what I happen to be doing or where.”

Map of the World in Colour Part 1, 50x70cm
Original artwork signed by Faris. £1200 +VAT

Compared to Badwan’s graphic line drawings, this image initially appears as a chaotic explosion of colour – then as you step closer the seemingly infinite details begin to pop out and keep your eyes searching and hunting for more. This is one of our favourites!

“My sketchbooks have always been fairly voyeuristic in that many of the drawings spring from watching people or mishearing conversations… shreds of sentences or characters and their personality traits appear on different pages, and then continue to develop and mutate. The effect is a bit like spying on someone through a warped lens.” 

We love the way Map Of The World in Colour gives us a glimpse of Faris’s hectic lifestyle, allowing us to be voyeurs to a snippet of his life.

The Fantastic Four, 28x28cm
Limited Edition Print of 50, signed by Faris £120 +VAT

Faris’ earlier works acts as a diary, documenting everything he sees in a subconscious  flow. Here in The Fantastic Four we see a more considered and controlled collection of portraits, carefully depicting the four other members of the band he fronts. This will defintely be a hit with any Horrors fans.

Creatures in Colour
runs until the 30th of September.
Pirces start at £80+VAT.
To request the full exhibition catalogue or for any sales enquiries please email: leila@proud.co.uk

The Strand Gallery presents…Faris Badwan’s ‘Creatures in Colour’


Musician, artist and front man of the Horrors Faris Badwan is launching his second solo exhibition, Creatures in Colour, here at The Strand Gallery next week. This exhibition explores the progression from Faris’ dreamlike, intricate ink drawings to bold and vibrant new watercolours.

Acropolis, 21x28cm Watercolour, £300 +VAT

Faris’ inspirations derive from artists such as Klimt, Klee and JW Waterhouse; his work echoes their influences, in particular through these spectacular new watercolours. Faris Badwan began drawing from a very young age and studied at St Martin’s College of Art; it has been a significant part of his life ever since. Faris finds drawing liberating due to its escapist nature; much of his inspiration comes from the world around him, creating beautiful  and askew observations and musings on day to day life.

Faris’ obsessive nature of drawing is hypnotic; each subject is drawn to exhaustion, resulting in a depiction of an intimate snippet of a dream world. His subjects are shown in such a way, that the spectator almost feels like they are peeking into a world of brilliant thoughts, illustrated with sketch-like figures. The individuality of Faris’ work is obvious; it echoes the passion for his skill, reflected in every pen mark and brush stroke. The accidental nature of his work gives it a refreshing edge.

I appreciate the value of accidents in art, the way ink doesn’t come out of a pen evenly, or when you slip and fall asleep while drawing which happens more often than you think!” – Faris

Creatures in Colour introduces a new chapter in Faris’ artistic career; launching an entirely new spectrum of works, exhibiting the artist’s experimentation with different styles and colour. They bring his work to life, showing an evolution from his original pen and ink drawings into a new realm of inspiration. These watercolours move away from the repetition of Faris’ instinctive and obsessive drawings, ‘a stream that invades [Faris’] daily routine’, revealing bursts of enthusiasm for a new technique. It is a new and exciting aspect of Faris’ work which has never been seen before.

Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan is showing at The Strand Gallery from 19th – 30th September.

Preview the exhibition here,
or to make a sales inquiry email: leila@proud.co.uk

COMPETITION: Win an original signed drawing by Faris Badwan

To be in with a chance of winning, follow these instructions:
1. Head over to the Strand Gallery’s Facebook or Twitter page
2. Share or Re-tweet our Creatures in Colour “COMPETITION” post
3. Make sure you share or RT direclty from Strand to be in for the win!
4. We will be announcing the winner at the end of the show


The selected winner must be able to collect the prize from The Strand Gallery following the exhibition. The Strand Gallery’s decision is final.

EXCLUSIVE: Creatures in Colour pre-sale is open!

We can now announce that the pre-sale of our new exhibition Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan is now open!

To request a catalogue for an exclusive preview of the exhibition, or to enquire about pre-sale, drop our Head of Sales an email:


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The Creatures in Colour: Sketches from Faris Badwan exhibition is featured in The Stool Pigeon’s latest publication

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Creatures in Colour is an exhibition of Faris Badwan’s sketchbooks and latest artworks held at The Strand Gallery from 19th to 30th September 2012

Press as featured in Absolutely City & Angel and Absolutely NXNW

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Strand Gallery partners with Faris Badwan for new exhibition

Here at The Strand Gallery, we are very excited to announce our forthcoming exhibition which will be running from 18th – 30th September 2012. Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan, is a collection of the artist’s intricate, dreamlike ink drawings, alongside new works in watercolour.

Faris Badwan is frontman of The Horrors and his unique artwork has adorned the album covers of The Horrors, Hatcham Social and The Charlatans.He studied at St Martin’s college of Art and has documented his entire life through drawing. Faris has identified the accidental and the obsessive nature of his work as ‘hypnotic’ states of concentration which go hand-in-hand with unintentional smudges and slips of the pen.

The exhibition maps the progression from Faris’ early pen and ink sketches, through to bold, new pieces in watercolour and acrylic.

Faris: The Creatures in Colour will be compiled from sketchbooks I’ve been keeping over the last couple of years. I draw all the time and as a result the books end up documenting everything. Aside from the visual diary aspect, The Strand Gallery will be exhibiting new unseen paintings and drawings more focused around colour and technique. There were ideas in the last exhibition that I wanted to develop and expand upon, and a lot of the mark-making in the new work is more expressive and intense.”

Creatures in Colour: Sketchbooks from Faris Badwan will be showing at The Strand Gallery 18th – 30th September 2012