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Clive McDonnell Photographic Exhibition

From 22nd-26th September, The Strand Gallery is proud to host the photographic exhibition of internationally renowned landscape architect and artist Clive McDonnell.

2014-02-26 00.26.19Image17CropImage152014-03-27 02.46.42

Clive has worked on a numerous major design projects throughout the UK, Europe, the Caribbean and even as far as Australia. Most notably, Clive contributed to the detailed planting design for Disneyland Paris’s main park as well as the River Torrens Linear Park in South Australia, of which he designed over 3 kilometers of space.

Image02a2014-03-20 22.15.22_Crop

Paired with his training in landscape design, Clive further retains a great interest in ecology and natural surroundings, which subsequently fuelled the subject matter of his work. The artist’s empathy with the environment is strongly evident in his photography on display in this unique exhibition, featuring landscapes from often remote and beautiful locations. These settings stem from Clive’s passion for fly fishing in Australia, where he travels every winter to capture these stunning photographic images.

Clive McDonnell’s photographic exhibition will be held at The Strand Gallery from 22nd-26th September 2015, 11-6pm daily – it’s definitely not one to miss.


Hilary James McLaren Tipping ‘The Great Experiment of Modern Art’

Opening to the public on 16th September at The Strand Gallery, Hilary Tipping ‘The Great Experiment of Modern Art’.

Hilary James McLaren Tipping was born in Dumfries, Scotland on the 8th January 1954, the grandson of the Scottish sculptor Robert Henderson. He has been painting since the age of four when he threw a tantrum and demanded paper, paints and brushes. His first work was a self-portrait. At 18 he went to Art School in Glasgow to study Fine Art. At Scotus Academy, Edinburgh, Richard De Marco tutored him in painting and drawing.

Ultimate Three
Hilary’s interest in painting developed towards abstract and he devoured the visual feast of Malevich, Klee, Delaunay, Whistler, Matisse, Man Ray, Monet, Pollock, Rothko, Kline, Newman and Picabia.

Hilary’s obsession in the plasticity of texture led him to conduct experiments in oil, paint layering and its viscosity. He uses the force of gravity to shape the flow of the drying canvass. He is much defined in his use of his texture and the structural surface and reaction of paint flow. Hilary is inspired through the actual act of the ‘doing’ of painting.

Quantum UniverseCircusHilary & Francis - A Brief EncounterA Self Portrait, 2014

Hilary’s obsession in the plasticity of texture led him to conduct experiments in oil, paint layering and its viscosity. He uses the force of gravity to shape the flow of the drying canvass. He is much defined in his use of his texture and the structural surface and reaction of paint flow. Hilary is inspired through the actual act of the ‘doing’ of painting.

‘My paintings are instinctive and do not follow line or form but colour. Television and music videos have been central to my life and I employ the same tactics to assimilate and edit my demons. We see inside the head, in the mind, not with our eyes. Our sight is based on light and the images we see are encased and wrapped in our preconceptions. My life has been chaotic and fun; my shorthand instilled in my art represents feelings not figurative representations. This therapy cleanses the mind and clears out the daily intrusions that fill our brains. I unwrap the human psyche.”

First MovementAbstract Progression Movement Two

“Memories are inspiring and the subconscious mind has the controlling hand. The energy of my works is straight from the baggage of life and its turmoil. Abstract expressionism is often misunderstood; my paintings are created and formed by the hidden past revealed drop by drop. You will find meaning in my art by looking at it and not by wondering what it might be about or what it is. It is there inside you, just look.”


Ballet Man            Torso

Hilary’s other influences are film, television and the music video. His interest in these subjects led him to establish a career in the visual arts. He has worked as a producer on music videos with: Grace Jones, Adam Ant, Elton John, Sex Pistols, The Cure, Police, Rod Stewart, Japan, Ozzy Osbourne, Bonnie Tyler, New Order, Average White Band, Olivia Newton John, Charles Aznavour, John Waite, Leo Sayer, Marc Bolan, Hot Chocolate, The Supremes, Air Supply, Billy Ocean, Queen and many others.

On the night of September 13th 1980 on board the party boat the SS Peking, New York, Hilary saw Andy Warhol. Hilary introduced himself and blurted out he had always wanted to meet him. Andy replied “…and I’ve always wanted to meet you…Hilary.”


‘The Great Experiment of Modern Art’ will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 16th-20th September 2015, 11am – 6pm. More work can be seen at www.gallerymclaren.com

All Images © Hilary James McLaren Tipping.

SPOTLIGHT: Nkechi Ebubedike

Born in 1984, Nkechi Ebubedike is a Nigerian American artist working with painting, sculpture installation, photography and mixed media techniques. She incorporates found objects in her work as well as distorting original photographs and video footage, concentrating on her own experiences in an urban and suburban environment and travelling for much of her life.

Bright Boys 3

Describing her relation to Nigeria, Ebubedike notes how her experience living there at a young age stimulated her interest in the culture and ways in which she could express this through her work. Now residing in Washington and London, the artist combines her encounters in contrasting civilizations and blend of cultures.

Bright Boys (Untitled #3), 2015

Her 2011 collection of work entitled ‘Bright Boys’ consists of altered digital images with contemporary urban forms and a mix of bright, vibrant colors. Each image centers on cultural representations of African/American males, manipulating the way in which they are perceived by the hallucinogenic display of space and distorted identity. Each work displaces the viewer momentarily, inviting them to examine the subject and the subliminal messages veiled in the aesthetics.

The Quiet Light Within
Quiet Light

In 2014, Ebubedike received public acclaim for her video montage entitled ‘The Quiet Light Within’, selected for the Juror’s prize for the National Art Competition. In this piece, the artist explores the relationship between power and the environment and how this affects our well-being as well as our perception of the world. It further examines the distribution of power and accessibility in other less developed areas, highlighting the resourcefulness and creativity necessary when ‘power’ is not easily established.

To find out more information about Nkechi Ebubedike and her work, please visit http://www.nkechiamanda.com/Nkechi-Amanda-Ebubedike

COMING UP: John Lewell: ‘Reconnecting’

Opening to the public on Tuesday 19th May is ‘Reconnecting’ by Artist, Photographer and Author, John Lewell. This exhibition will showcase 50 new works, with the aim to renew the connection between art and photography, bringing back some of the latter’s unique characteristics, in particular spontaneity within a moment.

Lewell’s work in this exhibition is based on street photography, and features images that have been taken apart and reconstructed, changing the colour and position of elements. Each piece is composed of 21 portrait-shaped rectangles separated by narrow white lines, within a landscape frame.

A graduate from the University of Cambridge in Fine Art, Lewell is the author of several books including two on photographic software and two on computer graphics . Furthermore, he is the author of Modern Japanese Novelists

Reconnecting will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 19th – 23rd May 2015, 11am – 6pm everyday.


COMING UP: Dawn by Bernard Raphael Gallery

We are pleased to announce our new exhibition opening on April 8th at The Strand Gallery. Dawn by Bernard Raphael Gallery will showcase the works of several emerging artists, alongside the established Lucy Temple and Liza Campbell.

Having opened in 2014 with the aim to act as a platform to support emerging artists to gain exhibition space for their work, this will be Bernard Raphael’s first major exhibition. The wonderful collaborative nature of this exhibition will give a multimedia show combining photography, design and drawing.

For further information on the exhibiting artists, please visit: www.bernardraphaelgallery.com

‘Dawn’ will be showing at The Strand Gallery from 8th – 19th April, 11am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday .


With almost unlimited access to celebrities through the internet, reality television and social media, we would have thought that we would be getting fed up of the constant updates. Yet, it remains quite the opposite and our curiosity for an unseen glimpse behind the scenes is stronger than ever.

British Photographer Sarah Dunn has taken the idea of being behind the scenes to the next level with a Japanese Widelux panoramic camera. During her career as a professional photographer, Dunn has captured some of the biggest names in Hollywood from Keira Knightley to almost the entire cast of the Harry Potter series.

‘I started shooting my own BTS images with an old Contax camera; because I was working with so many actors I thought it would be fun to go cinematic. The Widelux frame is similar to cinemascope and has a moving lens so I could kill two passions in one fell swoop, photography and film-making.’

Wide Eyed exhibits panoramic and candid shots of actors including Skyfall’s Berenice Marlohe relaxing between shoots, to Lord of The Rings hobbits sharing a bottle of whisky. Not only satisfying our craving for a peek behind the camera, Dunn perfectly captures the natural characters of her subjects, creating a truly unmissable exhibition.

Here are a few of Dunn’s personal favourites from the series:

1. Ewan McGregor, Los Angeles, 2002

‘Ewan and I were having dinner in LA, and I mentioned I’d just bought a camera, my first Widelux. So he invited me on to his film set the next day to try it out – he was shooting Down with Love with Renée Zellweger. This was my first, and still my favourite, shot on the Widelux.’


2. Rosamund Pike, London, 2013

‘We were in a spooky house in east London. Rosamund sat down for a drink of water and suddenly it was so chic and glamorous. The Widelux is an amazing tool for recording the chaos around the calm.’

rosamund pike

3. Dominic Cooper, London, 2011

‘I shot this during Movie-Con, a fan convention at the London O2. I was literally set up in a broom cupboard; the camera makes the room look enormous. Dominic is always fun and easy to work with.’

dom cooper

Wide Eyed will be exhibiting at The Strand Gallery from 2nd-6th September 2014, 11am – 6pm




The Strand Gallery is excited to introduce our new exhibition, State of the Art Cinema, compromising more than 75 stylish artworks and images as an interactive experience of contemporary film poster design and photography.


Launched by Film Distributors’ Association (FDA), the works collectively highlight the spectacle and diversity of films from around the world opening in UK cinemas between July 2014 and spring 2015. The exhibition also explores, in today’s multi-media world full of visual stimuli, how individual designs ‘cut through’ and attract different responses from different viewers.


State of the Art Cinema is presented in six broad themes: Britain on screen; Family heroes; Out of this world excitement; Down to earth adventure; Cinematic comedy; and Thrillers & chillers. The exhibition encompasses films made in the UK and around the world by emerging and well established filmmakers including Tom Green, John Carney, Rowan Joffé, Mike Leigh, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan and Robert Rodriguez.

State of the Art Cinema will be showing at The Strand Gallery until 22nd August.


The Strand Gallery is excited to introduce new exhibition Beyond Limit Speed by artist cumulative Liquid Brick, delivering the very best of contemporary art from UCA Farnham’s Fine Art post-graduates.

Liquid Brick poster

Divorced from the traditional constraints of art institutions, Liquid Brick represents post-graduate fine art students as artists who are seeking to explore their own praxis from their divergent experiences and points of view. The exhibition boasts a diverse range of works varying from painting to sculpture, engaging in subjects including confrontation and disruption, erosion and memory, metamorphosis and the sublime.

Samantha BriscoeSamantha Briscoe

The dynamic artist collective was launched onto the London art scene at the Menier Galler in the summer of 2012. A year later, Liquid Brick exhibited again at the Arch Gallery in Bethnal Green, exploring the groups diversity of practice through the challenge of creating the notional ‘Perfect System’.

Laura GreenwayLaura Greenway

Beyond Limit Speed by Liquid Brick will be open to the public at The Strand Gallery from the 23rd July until the 27th July.

SPOTLIGHT: Stephanie Bryan-Kinns

Today’s spotlight focuses on talented BA (Hons) Digital Communication Design graduate Stephanie Bryan-Kinns, who The Strand Gallery had the pleasure of exhibiting back in the May 2014 UCA Degree Show.


BA (Hons) DCD is a cutting-edge degree known for pushing boundaries through the creation of innovative works. They practice in exploring the impact of digital culture on graphic design, and Stephanie’s work investigates issue of transphobia through social design.

An avid designer and writer who hopes to develop an art direction career in advertising, Stephanie creates work that is thought provoking and powerful. She exhibited at The Strand Gallery an advertising based installation that challenges gender stereotyping and prejudice in today’s society.


Through directly targeting individuals in intimate spaces, Stephanie uses facial recognition and interactive advertising with the aim of helping society understand that transphobic language, actions, questions and comments are just as inappropriate towards cis-gendered individuals, as they are to trans* individuals.

For this project, Stephanie not only aims to raise awareness of transphobia, but also of gender variation. The shocking statements used in this campaign reflect inappropriate language, commonly directed towards trans* individuals, and offer a unique and inspiring way of using advertising as a way to combat prejudice. The project epitomises the quote “treat others how you wish to be treated”.

Check out Stephanie’s website to find out more information and to see more of her work.

COMING UP: JoshingTalk: The Submersible Project

Joshing Talks

The Strand Gallery is proud to present the world exclusive screening of JoshingTalk: The Submersible Project, a documentary film by social entrepreneur Josh Taylor, recounting his latest project where he sent a submersible on an epic journey to the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. The screening will take place with a back drop of an exhibition presenting several of Taylor’s other incredible feats and inspirational ventures.

The success of Taylor’s second project ‘Space Art’, drew the attention of Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group. Enticed by Taylor’s vision to create a unique piece of work unifying science, art and nature through human intellect and unrelenting determination, Branson personally issued him the challenge to see how far under the ocean Taylor could explore.

Taylor ambitiously decided to send a submersible to the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean, the Milwaukee Deep. With help from local marine companies, the submersible would sink down into the depths of the ocean and document the trench, located some 6 miles under the ocean’s surface. This is one of the last places on earth yet to be explored.

The exclusive film screening, hosted at The Strand Gallery will reveal, for the first time, the amazing story behind the long and arduous journey Taylor undertook to create JoshingTalk: The Submersible Project. From building the submersible to his expedition to Puerto Rico and his return to the UK, this tale is both moving and amusing, while proving that through determination and innovation, almost anything is possible.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 17th – 19th July, 11am – 6pm. Not one to be missed!