The London Salon of Photography’s 106th Annual Exhibition
The London Salon of Photography
1st August – 7th August 2017

   Dace Umblija-Black and White      Tim Pile-The Cross   

Erica Oram-Lanzarote Light         

The London Salon’s roots go back to 1893 when The Linked Ring was formed as a breakaway group from the Royal Photographic Society because it was thought that the latter was too concerned with the science rather than the art of photography. In 1910, a division of opinion within the Linked Ring caused another split into two groups, one of which was The London Salon. Only the London Salon survived 

Our stated aim is now, as it was in 1910, to exhibit only that class of photographic work in which there is a distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution. We love to see new work. We appreciate dark room as well as digital prints. We welcome creativity in all its forms ranging from innovative seeing, alternative printing processes and of course, sensitive manipulation in the computer. 

Membership of the London Salon is by invitation only. Members organise and select the Exhibition. The Exhibition is open to all photographers world-wide, whether professional or amateur, although today our entry comes mainly from amateur photographers in the United Kingdom and Eire. This year, the exhibition showcases work from over one hundred photographers, all of whom excel in a variety of photographic genres including traditional landscapes, studio portraiture, environmental portraiture, still life, natural history, sport and hugely creative works.

The stories of the photographers who have won medals this year perhaps explains a little more about us. Before I write about them it is important to say that throughout the entire judging process, the images are seen without any knowledge of the photographer’s name. This year we were delighted to discover that we had awarded a medal to Leonid Goldin from Israel. Leonid has been a long-standing supporter of the Salon and has a canny eye for seeing images in an urban environment. We were also pleased to discover that four other medal winners are clearly attuned to the type of images we like and all have won medals before, although their images in this year’s exhibition are clearly a departure from their previous styles. These photographers are Les Forrester, Ann McDonald, Richard Spurdens and Laurie Turner. Between them they have given us images of landscape, studio portraiture and life at home. Lilliana Alani is a relatively new supporter of the Salon who was almost certainly motivated by her husband’s success. Warren won a Salon medal two years ago. Lilliana’s image is of an unusual street scene and certainly captures a decisive moment. There is nothing like family rivalry to provoke interesting images! Jonathan Vaines was inspired to enter by members of his club in Brighton, many of whom are regular Salon exhibitors. Fran Walding entered for the first time this year and is still unbelieving that she has won a medal resulting from her first entry. Last but absolutely not least two of our regular entrants, Karen Berry and Ralph Duckett won medals with very different images. Karen’s is of a red dress and Ralph’s is of a horse in soft light and mist.

Unlike most other print exhibitions in the UK and indeed overseas, we are proud to guarantee that all accepted images will be hung and seen by a large audience. In addition to our London exhibition, the images are also exhibited in Birmingham. In September, the Exhibition is split into two for exhibition in either Scotland or Ireland.

Colour & Form
The London Painters and Sculptors Group
2nd October – 8th October

The London Painters & Sculptors Group, consist of 10 Painters and 2 Sculptors’ who have collaborated on various projects together over many years. The diverse exhibition will showcase the twelve artists’ contemporary engagement with colour, shape and form.